Indian Students in Canada: Navigating Uncertain Times with Resilience

Posted by: Abhishek Rai
12 October 2023 08:05 AM


Amidst the political standoff between India and Canada, there are growing concerns about the future of Indian students in Canada and those planning to study in Canada.

Canada has always been a popular choice for Indian students seeking international education. According to data from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), out of 549,260 study permits issued in 2022, 225,940 were issued to Indians. In the first seven months of this year, IRCC data shows that Canada issued 107,855 study permits to Indians out of 289,875 study permits issued during that period.

One of the reasons behind Canada's popularity among Indian students is its affordability. The minimum fee to study in Canada is around 12,000 Canadian dollars per year, which is significantly cheaper than colleges and universities in other developed countries.

So, what is the current situation for Indian students studying in Canada or planning to enroll in Canadian study programs? In a recent conversation with students currently studying there, they have confirmed that their academic pursuits are unaffected, and there is no need for alarm.

Although it is natural for students and parents to feel apprehensive about studying in Canada during these uncertain times, it's important to note that there have been no concrete adverse effects on students already pursuing their education there. We would advise students to stay vigilant about further developments and proceed with their study plans accordingly. For those already in Canada, staying in regular contact with family and friends is an excellent way to stay informed about their real-life situation.

As Canada continues to issue visas to Indian students, we believe that students will continue to go to Canada unless there are significant negative developments in the weeks and months ahead. Prospective students should keep a close eye on the situation but can proceed with their plans if the problem remains stable. For those planning to enroll in the upcoming Spring intake, we recommend expediting their visa applications as a precautionary measure.

Indian visa services in Canada have been temporarily halted, but Canada has not made a similar announcement. As a result, student visas will continue to be granted according to the existing procedures, and there have been no reported delays in issuing student visas to Indian students. The visa usually takes 3-4 weeks to get issued. 

If students delay their program by a semester, they typically defer their enrollment to the next available intake. In such cases, education loans are usually extended under the program's specific guidelines or specifications.

The Indian government has recommended that students planning to study in Canada and those currently studying there should register themselves on for onshore support from the Indian government.

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