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Big immigration reforms to attract skilled workers expected soon

Posted by: Abhishek Rai
21 October 2023 08:51 AM


Exciting news for those planning to work in Australia! They're making big changes to their immigration system. They want to make it faster for highly skilled workers to come to Australia and get permanent residency.

Right now, they use a points system to pick skilled workers. But they're going to change it to choose people who will help the Australian economy more.

The Home Affairs Minister, Clare O'Neil, says the current system is broken. It's not helping businesses, migrants, or Australians. They want to make it work more like Canada and Germany's systems, which make it easier for foreigners to move there.

  1. Here are some changes they're thinking about:
  2. Making it faster and simpler for highly skilled professionals to get visas.
  3. Keeping international students in Australia.
  4. Letting temporary migrant workers switch jobs in the same field within six months.
  5. Allowing temporary skilled workers to apply for permanent residency by the end of the year.

In September, they increased the number of permanent migrants allowed to 195,000 because businesses needed more workers. They also raised the minimum wage for temporary skilled workers from AUD 53,900 to AUD 70,000. This was the first big change in wages since 2013.

The current system makes temporary migrant workers vulnerable to exploitation. They can't report problems because they're tied to their employer. The government says 90% of full-paid jobs now pay more than the threshold, so this change should help stop exploitation



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