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Study in France Guide: Reasons, Top Universities, and Visa Fees


France is the center of art, philosophy, and culture. People immigrate to France in order to have a better lifestyle and experience a different culture altogether. Many people come to study in France as the tuition fees are lower and it has a well-built education system. 

Why should you Study in France? 


1. Lower tuition fees 

For all degrees, be it a Bachelor's, Master's, or PhD, you will not pay more than 800 EUR if you are a citizen of the European Union or the European Economic Area. 

Non-EU/EEA students sometimes get the same benefits as EU/EEA students. But sometimes their tuition fees are greater. This has become the main attraction point for international students as studies in France are more affordable and modern.

2. More degrees are now taught in English

English is the most spoken language in the world. Both public and private colleges in France have been expanding the number of study programs taught in English. Their main motive is to attract more international students to France. According to the research, the amount of courses offered in the English language is more than 1,500.

3. An opportunity to learn French

 Although English is the primary language, French is the third most common business language. This allows candidates to learn French. It will give students a career boost in their lives, as knowing two foreign languages is beneficial. 

4. Better lifestyle 

France has excellent landscapes and other tourist attractions. People immigrate to France in order to have a better lifestyle. International students studying in France get benefits like universal healthcare and low fees. There are several other benefits that contribute to a better lifestyle. 

5. A hub of research and innovation  

Many philosophers like Descartes belong to France and have contributed to innovation and research. France is regarded as the hub of innovation and research. France is an excellent option for anyone who dreams of working in laboratories.

Top Universities in France 

The top universities in France are listed below- 

  • Aix-Marseille University 
  • Audencia Business School 
  • Burgundy School of Business (BSB) 
  • EMLV Business School 
  • Emlyon business school 
  • EM Normandie Business School
  • ESSEC Business School 
  • Grenoble Institute of Technology 
  • HEC Paris 
  • ParisTech
  • PSB Paris School of Business 
  • Rennes School of Business Sciences 
  • Paris-Saclay University of Bordeaux
  • UPMC University Pierre and Marie Curie

What are the documents needed to apply to universities? 

Every French institution has a website with a unique application and enrollment process for prospective students seeking a bachelor's or master's degree. 


The candidate applying for it can contact our team for the documentation process and other queries.

  Upon choosing your preferred university, you can complete their application and send in your required documents. You may need to attach the following documents with your university application:

  • Scanned copy of your high school or bachelor's degree diploma
  • A record of your previous courses
  • A scan of your birth certificate
  • Scan of passport
  • Your Resume
  • Medical reports
  • Proof of financing or scholarship
  • Recommendation letters (between 2-3)
  • Writing samples and portfolio

What are the tuition fees in France? 

There are public and private institutions in France, and the cost of tuition varies for each. There are other factors that influence the tuition fees such as the subject they choose to study and the nationality they belong to. 

Public Colleges

  • 170 EUR per year for bachelor's students (a degree in engineering or medicine can cost anywhere from 500 to 700 EUR per year).
  • Graduate students: 260 euros annually
  • PhD candidates: 396 euros annually

Private Colleges 

  • Private universities: 1,500–20,000 EUR each year, based on the type of degree
  • Business schools: 5,000–30,000 EUR each year depending on the degree kind

What are the types of student visas? 

There is a difference in the visa requirements for EU and Non EU Students. 

Students from the EU and EEA

  • Students from the EU and EEA who want to pursue a bachelor's, master's, or doctoral degree in France do not need to have a visa. 
  • In order to sustain during studies, one must have adequate financial resources from a scholarship or personal finances in addition to having their own health insurance.
  •  Additionally, the person is permitted to work up to 964 hours a year as a European national in France without a residency visa.

Students from Non- EU/ EEA  

  • A long stay visa is necessary if you are a non-European national intending to study in France for more than three months. There are two varieties of student visas for France available: 
  1. Long-term visa used as a Residence Permit  

This specific visa allows you a one-year stay in France without the requirement to apply for a residence permit.The verification of this visa takes place upon arrival in the nation. There are three categories of long-stay student visas available in France:- 

(a) The Student VLS-TS Visa for graduate and undergraduate programs  

(b) The Talent Passport VLS-TS Visa for doctoral studies

(c) The VLS-TS Internship Visa for internship programs 

  1. Temporary Long- Term Visa 

The temporary long-term visa does not require verification upon arrival. With this kind of visa, you can travel freely throughout the Schengen area. The candidate would receive benefits from French social security, and spend a year in France for educational purposes.

It is necessary for you to submit your registration application on the "Studies in France" website in order to be eligible for a temporary long-term visa. After that, your application will be automatically forwarded for review to the French authorities. 

What are the fees for a student visa?

Students pursuing bachelor's or master's degrees must pay €99 (INR 7,582) for a long-term visa. Exchange students and candidates for dual courses pay the same cost. 

Job Opportunities for International Students in France 

Studying in France gives a career boost for International students. People immigrate to France in order to fulfill their dreams and enjoy further prospects in the country. Part-time and full-time job opportunities are available in France. The potential candidate can check the  

eligibility criteria for the jobs and apply accordingly.


Average Salary Per Year

Product Designer

30,000-60,000 EUR

Junior Merchandise

25,000-40,000 EUR


40,000-55,000 EUR

Video Editor 

30,000-50,000 EUR

Motion Designer

25,000-45,000 EUR

Sales Executive

100,000- 200,000 EUR


45,000- 80,000 EUR


39,000- 57,000 EUR

Research Scientist

50,000-75,000 EUR

Why to Contact Us?

Our team has RCIC and government-verified immigration lawyers. We believe in a transparent approach and help our clients manage their profiles. We genuinely believe that ‘your immigration dreams are our responsibility.’ We make sure that the documentation process is on time and try to make the candidate’s profile stand out.

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Read these FAQs

Is France good for Indian students?

Study in France for Indian students leads them towards good career opportunities internationally

How expensive is France for Indian?

The average cost of living in Paris for students is approximately 1200 EUR per month.

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