Cancellation and Refund Policy

At Stark Visas, we understand that plans can change, and sometimes you may need to cancel or seek a refund for our visa and immigration services. We are committed to providing clear and fair cancellation and refund policies to ensure a smooth and transparent process for our valued clients.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Request : To cancel our services, you must submit a written cancellation request via email or through our official communication channels.

Cancellation Fees : Cancellation fees may apply depending on the stage of your visa and immigration process and the services already rendered. These fees are outlined in your initial agreement or service contract.

Refund Eligibility : The eligibility for a refund is subject to the specific terms and conditions mentioned in your service agreement. We encourage you to review your agreement for details on refund eligibility and the amount that may be refunded.

Refund Policy

Refund Request : To request a refund, you must submit a written refund request via email or through our official communication channels. In your request, please include all relevant details, such as your name, contact information, the reason for the refund, and any supporting documentation.

Refund Processing Time : We will process your refund within the stipulated time frame upon receiving a valid refund request. Please note that processing times may vary based on the complexity of your case and the payment method used for the initial service.

Refund Amount : The refund amount is determined by the terms and conditions outlined in your service agreement. Refunds may be issued for services that have not yet been rendered or for services not meeting the agreed-upon standards.

Non-Refundable Fees : Some fees, such as government fees or third-party charges, are non-refundable and will not be included in your refund.

Change of Circumstances : If your circumstances change during the visa and immigration process and you are no longer eligible for the service, we will assess your situation on a case-by-case basis to determine if a refund or partial refund can be issued.

Refund Denial : In certain cases, a refund may be denied due to breach of contract, misrepresentation, or failure to provide necessary information or cooperation. We will notify you of the reasons for the denial.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our cancellation and refund policy, please feel free to contact our customer support team. We are here to assist you in navigating the process and ensuring a smooth experience with our visa and immigration services. Please note that this cancellation and refund policy is subject to change, and the most up-to-date version can always be found on our website. It is your responsibility to review and understand the terms and conditions associated with our services. Thank you for choosing Stark Visas for your visa and immigration needs. We are committed to providing you with high-quality service and support throughout your journey.
Last Updated : 21-July-2022

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