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Everything You Need to Know about Europe Startup Visa: A Complete Analysis

The European Union government has initiated the Startup visa program to attract various skills and talents to their respective countries. 
The Europe Startup visa targets business innovators and potential candidates with business ideas that have the capacity to expand the business and is accessible to non-EU/EAA businessmen seeking to start their own businesses in Europe. 
Through this visa, businessmen introduce new ideas or outlooks to the market and can experience different cultures and ways of life.
This visa is for a short-term duration and can grant residency for a fixed term or on a rolling basis. However, it can offer a pathway to permanent residency. 
There are many European countries that offer visas for entrepreneurs outside the EU to establish or start a business in Europe and is one of the pathways to obtain permanent residency. Each country has its own eligibility criteria and visa duration.

Some of the European countries that offer Startup visas are:

Austria: You can apply to this country to establish or develop your company and introduce your innovative ideas, products, services, or technologies as per the market needs. 
The program that is run by this country is the Red-White-Red Card for Startup Founders, with a duration of two years.
Bulgaria: The country offers a Bulgaria Startup Visa Program to allow foreign entrepreneurs or businessmen with considerable innovative ideas to receive a long-term residence permit.
The duration of this program is one year. 
Cyprus: The Startup Visa of Cyprus allows entrepreneurs from outside the EU and EEA to develop, establish, and operate their businesses with high growth potential in Cyprus. 
It also allows individuals to work, live, or enter the country for the purpose of the business. 
The duration of this program is two years, with the renewal possibility. 
Denmark: The Danish government initiated a visa scheme called Startup Denmark Visa. The aim of this visa scheme is to focus on innovative and modular businesses that have high potential growth and can create jobs for other employees. 
This visa allows non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizens entrepreneurs to immigrate and establish a business there. 
The duration of this visa is two to three years but can be extended. However, the visa holders can travel visa-free in the area of Schengen for 90 days within the past 180 days.  
Estonia: The Estonian Startup Visa focuses on disrupting industries and tech-driven startups that solve big issues and problems and serve millions of people. 
The duration of this startup visa is up to 12 months. It can be extended over five years. Therefore, it can be considered a fine step to immigrate to the country and for startups. 
Finland: If you are planning to move or establish a business in Finland, it is essential to have a startup team of at least two members with multifaceted skills and complete knowledge.
The duration of the Finnish Startup Permit is a maximum of two years, and it can be renewed. 
France: The French Tech Visa is one of the fast-track and simplified pathways for non-EU startup founders to obtain a residence permit in France. 
The duration of this visa is four years, with the possibility to get extended. 
Germany: The country's D-Visa offers a resident permit for self-employment to non-EU entrepreneurs who benefit the economy and fulfill the market's needs by providing services and products.
The duration of this visa is up to one year. 
Hungary: The Hungarian Entrepreneur Program is designed to grant non-European National states a temporary residence and establish their business within the country. 
The duration of this visa program is three years. 
Italy: There is an Italian Startup Visa for entrepreneurs who 
wish to immigrate to Italy and join the Italian startup association to establish their own business with an innovative idea. 
The duration of this startup visa is four years. 
Ireland: The Irish government grants permission to apply to live and establish their business in Ireland on a full-time basis through the Startup Entrepreneur Program (STEP). 
The duration of this startup visa is of two years and it can be renewed for another three years. 
Latvia: The Latvian Startup visa is officially a temporary residence permit offered to all non-EU entrepreneurs or startup founders who wish to immigrate to Latvia and start their own businesses.
With this visa, a startup can have up to five founders and the duration of this visa is of maximum three years. 
Lithuania: The startup visa of Lithuania, namely Startup Visa Lithuania, attracts talents from all over the world and provides non-EU innovators with a smooth entry process to start their businesses there and join their startup networks. 
The duration of this startup visa is one year with the possibility to get extended. 
Luxembourg: Foreign nationals of third-country who wish to immigrate and work as self-employed for more than three months can apply for Luxembourg’s Residence permit for self-employed third-country workers.
The duration of this visa is three years. 
Malta: The Malta Startup Residence Program is designed to encourage innovative startup businesses in the country.
The program also supports the immigration process of the startup business founders, co-founders, employees, and their respective family members. 
The duration of this visa program is three years but can be extended for another five years. 
Portugal: The Portugal Startup Visa is for young entrepreneurs who want to start their own innovative business and wish to live in Portugal.
With this visa, they can also move their startup to the country and can have rapid access to the residence visa. 
However, the duration of this visa is only four months, but it has the possibility to get extended. 
Spain: The country has an Entrepreneur Visa for foreign nationals who wish to immigrate to the country for the purpose of starting an innovative business in a particular economic industry. 
The duration of this Entrepreneur Visa is one year. 
The Netherlands: The country has a residence permit for those outside the EU who want to start their innovative business in the country, namely The Dutch Startup Visa. 
The duration of this visa is one year. 
The United Kingdom: An entrepreneur who has an innovative idea that is unique in the market and wants to start their business can apply for the Innovator Visa and the duration of this visa is three years with the possibility of getting extended. 
However, in the Startup Visa of the UK, the duration of the permanent residence is less in comparison to the Innovator Visa, i.e., two years. The requirements and experience for this visa are also relatively low. 
The Europe Startup visa is a great opportunity for business innovators or founders to establish their careers abroad. To immigrate to Europe, it is essential for you to take professional advice in order to avoid any errors in your visa application. 
Stark Visas is here to help you in the immigration process. We will support you from assessing your eligibility to preparing and submitting your visa application. 
Our expert immigration consultant helps candidates achieve their immigration dreams and believes in transparency with their clients and a success rate of 100%. 
We have built a trusting and reliable relationship with our clients. To learn more about the European Startup visa, feel free to contact us now!

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