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An In-Depth Guide to US Tourist Visa for Indians

The United States is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. People, including Indians, are more likely to visit the USA for various reasons.
The USA is also a perfect holiday destination for families because of places like Disneyland, Hollywood, Las Vegas Casino, and many more entertainment places. 
Indians or foreign nationals must have a US tourist visa if they want to visit the USA. The US visitor visa is considered a non-immigrant visa and allows you to stay temporarily in the country. 
The country offers US tourist visas for people with different purposes to visit the USA, such as business travelers, tourists, family visits, and work dependents. 

US Tourist Visa for Indians:

Over lakhs of individuals visit the USA from India every year for different purposes. The prime step is filling out the DS-160 form online. This is also an opportunity for Indians or foreign internationals to convert their visitor visa into a work visa after getting in touch with a US employer. 

What are the Types of US Visa to Visit?

The country offers many different types of visas for various visit purposes. The US tourist visa constitutes the B visa category issued to those who are visiting the country for business or tourism purposes.
The different types of visas are:
  • B-1 Visa: This visa type is for business meetings and conferences.
  • B-2 Visa: This visa is for vacation, participation in contests or social events, or medical/healthcare purposes.
  • Transit C: This visa category allows you to stay in the USA for a short period of time and travel to other countries through the US. 
  • Transit C-1, D, and C-1/D: This visa is for crew members of international airlines or sea vessels traveling to the USA.
  • H-1B and Dependents: This visa is considered a non-immigrant work visa, and dependents of the visa holder may accompany them. 
  • L1 and Dependents: This visa category is considered a non-immigrant visa and is used for intra-company transfer. Their dependents are also allowed to accompany them.
  • J1 and Dependents: This visa is for study-and-work-based exchange and various visitor programs in the USA for a short duration. 

US Tourist Visa Requirements:

To apply for a US visitor visa from India, you need certain documents to make your visa application successful.
Here is the list of essential documents:
  • Passport
  • Proof of funds
  • Supporting letters for your visit to the USA
  • Insurance coverage
  • Details of members with whom you are staying with
  • Travel itinerary 
  • Evidence of return to your country
  • Financial documents

How to Apply for a US Tourist Visa Online? 


The application process for a US visitor visa is a complex one and involves many steps. 
  • Step 1: Complete the D-160 form online with accurate information and upload a passport-size photograph. 
  • Step 2: Pay the fees of the visa application through the approved payment method.
  • Step 3: Schedule a visa interview at the US embassy or consulate in India. 
  • Step 4: Collect all the necessary and supporting documents. 
  • Step 5: Attend the interview on a scheduled date and be prepared to answer questions regarding your visits.
  • Step 6: If you are able to meet all the eligibility requirements, you will get your visa successfully.

What is the Cost of a US Visitor Visa for Indians?

The US visas that are considered non-immigrant types, such as tourist, business, student, and exchange visas, cost somewhere around US$185.
However, the Petition-based visas cost somewhere around US$205. 
It is essential to note that the visa application fees are non-refundable and non-transferable to another person. 

B1 or B2 Visitor Visas:

People who want to visit the USA temporarily, including the B1 or B2 visitor visas, are required to fill out a DS-160 form. 
It is essential for each individual to have their own DS-160 form. Visa applicants who are physically unable and are below the age of 16 are helped by a third-party person to fill out the form. 
The form is also known as an online non-immigrant visa application form. It is important for each individual to fill out the form as it consists of every necessary information of the applicant to the US Department, where they determine the eligibility of the applicant. 

International Travel Insurance for the USA from India:

Having International Travel Insurance is important for individuals who are traveling abroad. 
Here are some of the key benefits of having International Travel Insurance for your next visit abroad:
  • Medical Insurance: Support you through the excessively high medical expenses.
  • Safe Trip: It will safeguard you against any travel interruption and cancellation.
  • Emergency Deportation: This will ensure assistance through the emergency medical evacuation. 
  • Baggage Compensation: It will cover the loss and delay in the baggage delivery.
  • Travel Compensation: If you experience any travel delay for some reason, it will provide compensation for the same.
  • Personal Protection: In case you meet with an accident, the Travel Insurance will cover the legal expenses.
  • Support in Emergency: International Travel Insurance will provide constant support during emergencies. 
  • Pre-Existing Condition: Some of the policies include pre-existing medical conditions.  
In order to make your visit to the USA from India simpler and easier, it is important to seek immigration experts' advice. 
At Stark Visas, we provide you with proper guidance about the process and the best destination to visit in the USA. 
We understand the excitement and anticipation that comes with planning a trip to the United States, and we're here to help you navigate the visa application process with ease.
To know further details about the immigration and US tourist visa process, contact us now!

Read these FAQs

Is USA tourist visa open for Indians?

Indian nationals require a US visa to enter the country for tourism purposes.

Is visitor visa open in USA?

The embassy has resumed in-person interviews for tourist visa applicants.

How long is a tourist visa in the USA?

The holder of a B-2 visa may be admitted for an initial period of six months, which is extendable in six month increments.

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