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Startup Visa: A Comprehensive Guide for Entrepreneurs

The Startup Visa is a residence visa for entrepreneurs who want to establish a business in foreign countries. The startup has built on new ideas and business models. 

This visa attracts talents and innovators who have knowledge and can introduce new jobs in the market, contribute to the local economy, and create potential qualified employment. 

This program aims to strengthen the innovation ecosystem and build a nationally skilled workforce. It is an online submission rolling program and, hence, does not have any deadline. 

Entrepreneurs can convert their residency visa to a permanent residency if certain requirements are met which varies from country. 

This visa will help you accelerate your business incubator, and your spouse and child will immediately receive a resident status. 

Who can apply for a Startup visa?

Entrepreneurs or Business Innovators from all over the world who want to establish or start their business in foreign countries can apply for this visa. 

An individual’s evaluation is based on their innovation degree, business adaptability, market potential, team skill management, and potential for creating qualified employment. 

What are the Eligibility Criteria? 

Entrepreneurs can have a Startup visa, but they must meet certain eligibility criteria: 

  • The purpose is to develop business activities to produce inventive services. 
  • Establish or relocate companies to outline the focus on technology and knowledge. 
  • Have the capability to attract potential qualified employment.

What is the Process?

The visa application is an online and easy process:

  • You must ensure to meet all the eligibility requirements.
  • Analyze the certified incubators and ask for a service quotation.
  • Apply for the visa online.

Startup Visas by Countries: 

Different countries have executed specific visas for entrepreneurs who are looking for startups. 

Canada: This program aims to enroll entrepreneurs in the country by associating them with the Canadian angel investor group, venture capital funds, or business incubators to open the door for the establishment of their business startup in Canada. 

Entrepreneurs and startup founders are offered this option if they meet certain criteria.  

Australia: The country has created a visa specifically for entrepreneurs. There were various visa categories for business owners that existed before the addition of the new Business Innovation and Investment Visa category, which intends to target innovative startups.  

The UK: The country offers entrepreneurs three different types of visa options depending on the circumstances and duration of their stay. The three visa categories are The Entrepreneur Visa, The Graduate Entrepreneur Visa, and The Prospective Entrepreneur Visa. 

Europe: European countries provide visas for foreign entrepreneurs. This program allows entrepreneurs and business innovators to launch, establish, and run their businesses. 

This visa is one step closer to getting permanent residency in European countries. Each country has different criteria and visa durations. 

Denmark: Non-EU/EEA entrepreneurs who are seeking to grow and start their business in this country are provided two years of work and a residence permit.

The primary focus is on high-growth entrepreneurs, and permits are given to more than three founders for two years that can be renewable for three years. 

Finland: This Startup Visa is for business startup innovators who are anticipated from countries outside the European Union. In the beginning, the permit can be issued for a maximum of two years and can be renewed thereafter. 

This permit does not require any financial or investment support except for the following: 

  • Minimum two founders of a startup team with a multi-skilled command
  • An Innovational business approach
  • Intend to initiate a fast-growing company in Finland. 
  • Commitment towards business ideas and growth of the country
  • The founder team applying for the permit must have a hold of at least 60% of the company.
  • Must have access to enough resources to help in funding for the company’s initial growth
  • Can secure financial support

Estonia: The Startup Visa is for business startup founders and employees to work in the country’s startup. This program was launched in January 2017 to help non-EU founders to start their businesses in Estonia. 

More than 2,500 entrepreneurs have been attracted to this program in less than four years. 

Italy: The country provides a rationalized visa procedure for entrepreneurs by diminishing the red tape and providing a benefit range for tax and labour regulation. 

The Startup Visa was introduced in June 2014. To become eligible for this visa, the applicant must prove to have an innovative idea for business and access to €50,000 in capital investment for business. 

Lithuania: The country operated a Startup Visa Program in March 2017 for entrepreneurs from outside the EU to start their businesses in Lithuania. 

Netherlands: The country offers this visa to Startup founders and one year of residence permit, and after a period of time, they have granted an extended residence permit if they succeed in fulfilling the following criteria:

  • Collaborate with an authentic and experienced coordinator in the country.
  • The provided services are innovative.
  • The entrepreneur must have a clear aim to turn his ideas into business.
  • The entrepreneur and coordinator must register in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce. 
  • The entrepreneur must have a minimum of €13,000 to live in the country.

Spain: Entrepreneurs are required to have a government-examine business plan, health insurance, and enough financial support to live and work in Spain. 

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Read these FAQs

What is the meaning of Startup Visa?

The Startup Visa is a temporary conditional residence permit in different countries.

What is startup eligibility?

Individuals applying for this scheme must be over the age of 18 years.

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