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How can I Study in Luxembourg?

Luxembourg is a great choice for all those people planning to study in Europe. International students willing to study in Luxembourg have to apply for a Study Visa. 
Luxembourg is famous for its historical artifacts and rich cultural heritage. All the aspiring students can have an enriching experience and a secure career ahead. Luxembourg offers a variety of benefits to the students who want to study.

Benefits of Studying in Luxembourg

Great Scholarship options - The universities of Luxembourg offer high amounts of scholarships. This is one of the main reasons that international students want to go and study in Luxembourg. 
Personal and Career Growth - There is multiculturalism in Luxembourg. Interaction with people from different cultures can result in growth of personal and professional life. It will also enhance your self-worth and confidence. 
Post-study Work Opportunities - You can apply for a post-study work visa that will allow you to stay for 3 years. It is a golden opportunity for many international students who dream to settle their career in Luxembourg.

Cost of Studying in Luxembourg 

  1. Tuition Fees - On an average, the tuition fees in top universities is 5,200 EUR per year. 
  2. Student Accommodation - The rent of shared student accommodation is 1300 EUR per year. 
  3. Food and Groceries Expenses - It would cost a total of 200-400 EUR per month. 
  4. Transportation Expenses - From March 2020, the public transportation like buses will be free of cost for residents and tourists.

When can I study in Luxembourg?

There are two intakes for studying in Luxembourg - Summer and Winter. 
  • Summer Intake - The academic session for the summer batch  starts in September. 
  • Winter Intake - The academic session for the winter batch  starts in January. 

How to Apply for a Luxembourg Student Visa? 


The process to apply for Luxembourg Student Visa is as follows- 
  1. Check if you are eligible to apply for a Luxembourg Student Visa. 
  2. Collect all your documents and apply for the visa application online. You can contact our study experts to file your documents and complete your application process. 
  3. After applying for it online, you will have to wait for the approval from the higher authorities of the country. 

What are the documents required to apply for a Luxembourg Student Visa? 

The documents required for Studying in Malta are as follows- 
  • A valid passport
  • Two passport size photos 
  • Proof of finances 
  • Bank statements
  • Medical reports 
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Statement of Purpose

Luxembourg Student Visa Fees

The Luxembourg Study Visa costs around 50-100 EUR. You must submit the documents on time to get your study visa immediately. 

Luxembourg Student Visa Processing Time 

Once you have applied for the visa, the Luxembourg Student Visa takes five to six weeks to process.

Top Courses offered by Universities of Luxembourg 

Medicine - Students who study this course would acquire the knowledge of clinical medicine and stimulation training. Doctors and surgeons are some of the jobs that you can do after studying medicine.  
Law - Top universities in Luxembourg offer great law courses that will help in understanding national and international law. Once you have a qualification in law, you can practice and get a variety of job opportunities in Luxembourg.
Engineering - The engineering college offers a strong foundation in the field of electrotechnics and energy. Students have the freedom to choose the course they want to opt for-  be it Mechanical or General engineering. 
Psychology - If you are interested in exploring human behavior and cognitive tendencies, then you should go for psychology courses. Students from Luxembourg build their careers in counseling, psychotherapy and organizational psychology. 
Economics - Finance, Accounting and Management come under Economics courses. The international students in Luxembourg can do Masters in Management or Accounting. 
Humanities - Humanities courses include politics, philosophy, history, and literature. Studying the field of humanities will give you the knowledge and skills required to succeed in life.
IT - The top tech schools in Luxembourg teach their students coding language, software theory and development. 

Best Universities in Luxembourg for International Students

The top 5 universities in Luxembourg are as follows :- 
  1. Lunex University
  2. University of Luxembourg
  3. BBI School for International Hospitality and Tourism Management
  4. University of Miami
  5. Luxembourg School of Business

Why should you Contact us? 

Stark Visas is the Best Immigration Consultancy in India. We have from time to time proved to be the best in terms of providing immigration services. For studying in Luxembourg, you would have to go through the documentation process. Our immigration consultants will guide you through the whole process without burdening you with the responsibilities.
Our team has RCIC and government-verified immigration lawyers. We believe in a transparent approach and help our clients manage their profiles. We genuinely believe that ‘your immigration dreams are our responsibility.’ 
We make sure that the documentation process is on time and try to make the candidate’s profile stand out. We provide 1-on-1 counseling sessions as well. Other services that we offer are Permanent Residency, Tourist Visas, Business-Investor Visas and Job Assistance.

Read these FAQs

Is Luxembourg good for Indian students?

Yes, Luxembourg can be a great option for Indian students who are looking to study abroad.

Can I stay in Luxembourg after study?

After completing their studies, third-country nationals may stay in Luxembourg to look for a job or start a business.

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