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Ireland is one of the most popular study destinations in the world. Students from all over the world travel to Ireland to build their careers and achieve quality education. The quality of education provided by renowned Irish universities is higher in comparison to other countries.

Why to Study in Ireland? 


  • Quality Institutions - Ireland is known for its quality institutions. These institutions have teachers and professors who have excellent teaching standards which add to the benefits for studying in Ireland. 
  • Lower Cost of Living - Ireland is a far more affordable area to live and study than other locations for Indian students. Ireland offers one of the most affordable tuition costs for all programs. This makes it  a great choice for students who want quality education at a lower price.
  • Strong Job Prospects - Studying in Ireland opens doors for international students in terms of job prospects as well. The economy of Ireland is highly competitive and this keeps the students and job seekers on their toes. 
  • Shorter Duration of Programs - Undergraduate programs in Ireland have three years of duration compared to long courses in many other nations. Shorter programs result in reduced living expenses and tuition fees. This enables students to save money and time while obtaining a top-notch education. 
What are the types of Student Visa in Ireland? 

There are two types of Student Visa in Ireland - 
  • C Study Visa - If the candidate wants to study for less than three months in Ireland, then they can apply for this visa. 
  • D Study Visa - If the program you want to study lasts longer than three months, then you can apply for a D Study Visa. 

Student Visa Requirements 

Documents required for applying for Ireland Student Visa - 
  • A current passport 
  • Letter of acceptance from a recognised Irish institution
  • Passport-size photographs
  • The score of an English language proficiency test such as IELTS
  • A valid receipt of course payment 
  • Evidence of funds (€7,000) to provide with your living expenses for the duration of your course
  • Medical certificate 
  • A statement of your commitment that you will leave Ireland on the expiry of your visa

Scholarships offered in Ireland - 

There are three main scholarships offered to apply for studying in Ireland - 
1. The Government of Ireland International Education  Scholarship
Under this program, sixty scholarships are awarded for a year of study at the bachelor's, master's, or doctoral levels. When you are awarded the scholarship, you will be given a stipend of €10,000 for a year of study. 
2. The Walsh Scholarship
This is given to postgraduates who are appropriately engaged in projects linked to the Teagasc Research and Knowledge Transfer Program. These projects are primarily focused on the environment, economy, rural development, food, crops, animals, and grasslands.
The scholarship honors the contributions made by the late Dr. Tom Walsh to Irish agricultural and food research. With a stipend of €22,000 per student, there are up to 30 new spots available each year. 
3. The Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship 
The Department of Education and Skills provides funding for this scholarship. International students now have the opportunity to pursue a Direct PhD. The stipend consists of an annual allowance of €16,000 and contribution to fees, including those from outside the EU (up to a maximum of €5,750 annually). 

Cost of Living in Ireland in 2024

The table below includes the average costs of living and the visa fees. 
Expense type 
Average cost (in euros) 
€25- €30 
€90 (weekly) 
€50- €100
Single Visa fees 


Top Universities in Ireland for International Students 

There are a wide range of universities in Ireland. The list is given below- 

  • Trinity College Dublin 
  • University of Galway 
  • Dublin City University 
  • Maynooth University 
  • University of Limerick 
  • University College Cork 
  • South East Technological University
  • University College Dublin
  • Technological University Dublin 

Opportunities after Studying in Ireland 

Ireland’s economic market wants more skilled laborers and favours international students. The unemployment rate in the country is below 5% and many people are immigrating to Ireland for job purposes. 
After studying in Ireland, you can also avail yourself under Third Level Graduate Scheme. This scheme allows the person to stay upto 24 months after graduation for job search. The scheme provides ample amount of time to look for a job.
The average salary in Ireland is €50,000 to €60,000 per year. Though the average salary can vary according to the industry type, occupation, etc. There are few in-demand jobs in Ireland for International Students. The top five in-demand jobs are - Engineering, Business and Finance, Information Technology, Hospitality and Healthcare. 

Why to Contact Us?

Our team has RCIC and government-verified immigration lawyers. We believe in a transparent approach and help our clients manage their profiles. We genuinely believe that ‘your immigration dreams are our responsibility.’ 
We make sure that the documentation process is on time and try to make the candidate’s profile stand out. We provide 1-on-1 counseling sessions as well. Other services that we offer - 

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Read these FAQs

Is Ireland worth it for Indian students?

Ireland provides a comprehensive and attractive package for Indian students.

Can I study in Ireland without IELTS?

You no longer have to worry because you can now study in Ireland without IELTS.

Is Ireland cheap for study?

Candidates can expect a monthly expenditure of 1,200 – 1,500 euros per month including accommodation.

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