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Everything Worth Knowing about Germany Tourist Visa for Indians

Germany is the most preferred holiday destination and is famous for its beautiful landscapes, vibrant cities, and rich culture.
The country has something to offer for everyone, from thrilling football championships to lively beer festivals and many more exciting reasons to visit Germany.
In spite of that, the major question is who needs a German tourist visa to visit the country. 
The Director of the General National Tourist Office (GNTO), Romit Theophilus, underlines the facts about Indians in Germany. He said that more than 961,000 days Indians have spent in Germany in the past three years. 
In this article, you will get precise information about German visit visa requirements and other essential details. 

Germany Tourist Visa for Indians:

For Indians who want to visit Germany are required to obtain a visa. The visitor visa for Germany is known as a Schengen visa.
The Schengen visa allows Indians to reside or visit Germany for three months, i.e., 90 days. 
Indians need to apply for this visa if they want to visit the country to visit family or friends or for tourism purposes for a maximum of three months. 
However, there are certain exceptions for visa holders like they are not allowed to study or work in the country. To study or work, you need to apply for a work or study permit accordingly. 
It is important for you to keep in mind the difference between visa validity and duration of stay.
Visa validity is from the first date of entering the country and leaves on the last day. On the other hand, the duration of stay is the number of days spent in the country within the visa validity. 

Checklist the Necessary Documents Requirements:

Here are the essential requirements you must consider before applying for a German visa:
  • A valid passport: According to the German embassy requirements, a valid passport for three months is required.
  • Passport-size photographs: It is important to note that the photographs should be identical and fulfill the visa requirements. 
  • A complete and signed application form: The application form must be complete with accurate information about the visa applicant. 
  • Proof of your travel details: The proof of travel details includes documents, such as trip flight rounds and reservations, intended transportation, and proof of your travel stay in Germany.
  • Proof of funds to ensure your living support in Germany: A document to prove your financial stability and that you can support yourself while staying in Germany. 
  • Recent bank statements: It is required for visa applicants to provide a recent bank statement to show that they have sufficient funds to support themselves financially. 
  • Proof of valid medical insurance: Medical insurance is necessary to determine that you are free from all life-threatening diseases. 
  • Cover letter about your visit to the country: The cover letter should explain your intention and all the details of visiting Germany.

How to Apply for a German Visit Visa from India?

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to apply for a German visa:
  • Download the visa application form and provide accurate information.
  • Schedule an appointment with the visa embassy.
  • Pay the required mentioned fees.
  • Attend the interview on the given date.
  • Submit all the necessary and required documents along with your biometrics.
  • Wait for the response, collect your visa, and you are good to go to your dream country.


What is the German Visit Visa Cost?

The cost of the visa may differ depending on the age of the visa applicants. 
The cost for an Adult German tourist visa is approx 80 EUR (INR 7,300). On the other hand, the cost for a children's German tourist visa is approx 40 EUR (INR 3,500). 

What is the Processing Time of a Germany Tourist Visa?

The processing time for a German tourist visa begins around 15 working days by the German embassy, but it can be extended up to 6 to 12 weeks, depending on the circumstances. 
In spite of that, the earlier you apply for the visa application before the intended trip, the prior you will get your visa. 
However, there is good news for Indian travelers to Germany: the Schengen visa processing time has been reduced to around eight weeks. 
The deputy head of mission, George Enzweiler talked about this initiative at the embassy that it is an effort to increase the visits of Indian tourists to Germany. 
Their objective is to reduce or avoid the inconvenience caused to Indian travelers while visiting the country and facilitate tourism between India and Germany. 
If you are willing to experience and enjoy the beautiful scenario of Germany! Don’t bother about the visa requirements.
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Read these FAQs

Is Germany tourist visa hard to get?

You can obtain a visa for Germany through ACKO within 20 to 25 business days.

How much bank balance is required for a Germany tourist visa?

You should have at least 7,300 INR (€80) in your bank account for each day of your stay in Germany.

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