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Your English Proficiency
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Q. 1 Do You Have Experience in Australia

Q. 2 Did You Study in Australia ( 2 Academic Years )

Q. 3 Do You Hold a Masters by Research or a Doctorate Degree from an Australian Education Institution in the STEM fields?

Q.4 Your Australian Education is From Regional Australia?

Q.5 Did You Obtained Credential Community Language Qualifications in Following Language Punjabi/Telugu/Urdu/Tamil/Malayalam/Hindi/Bangla/Gujarati?

Q.6 Are You Interested in State/Territory or a Regional Sponsorship Nomination?

Q.7 Did You complete a Professional Year in Australia From ACS/Engineers/CPA/IPA/CAANZ in Last 4 Years?

Your Are Married
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Your Spouse/Partner's English Proficiency

Your Spouse Has Experience in Any of the Skilled Occupations and Moderate English

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Australia PR Calculator: Check your eligibility to immigrate to Australia

Australia is a country with a stable economy, vibrant culture, and fresh environment, which makes people choose Australia for immigration.

Australia also provides job opportunities in many sectors like IT, education, healthcare, etc, to young people and free education to children with the best healthcare services. 

People with work experience or who want to work in Australia can immigrate to Australia depending on their skills and qualifications, which can be calculated by the PR calculator. Calculate your PR points with the help of our Australia PR calculator. 

An individual must pass a minimum score of 65 to check if they are eligible or not by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA). This organization takes care of Australian immigration. The eligibility criteria are Age, English language, Education, and Work experience. 

Know your Eligibility with Australia PR point calculator: 

An individual must score a minimum of 65 points to meet the eligibility criteria given below: 

  • Age: An individual can get different points as per their age between 18 to 45 and above.



18-24 years


25-32 years


33-39 years


40-44 years


45 and above



An applicant can get a maximum point of 30 with age 25-32 and a minimum point of 0 with age 45 and above.

  • English Language: An individual is required to show that they have passed the English proficiency by any recognized test such as IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, etc.



Superior (8/79 on each band IELTS/PTE)


Proficient (7/65 on each band IELTS/PTE)


Competent (6/50 on each band IELTS/PTE)



  • Work Experience:  An applicant can get a maximum of 30 points with overseas work experience and 50 points with Australian work experience.    

Work Experience from Overseas (Other Countries)

An applicant must have an experience of 3/5/8 years in the last 10 years of overseas work experience.


Number of years 


Less than three years 


At least three but less than five years 


At least five but less than eight years 


At least eight years



Work Experience in Australia

An applicant must have an experience of at least 1/3/5/8 years in the last 10 years in the nominated occupation. 


Number of years 


Less than one year 


At least one yet less than three years


At least three yet less than five years 


At least five yet less than eight years 


At least eight years



An applicant only gets the employment points if the employment is in their nominated skills. 

  • Education: Education points also depend on the qualification done in Australia and from other countries except Australia. Qualification outside Australia should be a Bachelor or higher or Ph.D. degree from a recognized institution, and in Australia, the qualification should be of at least two academic years or more.




A Doctorate degree from an Australian university or institute outside Australia.



Bachelors (or Masters) degree from an Australian university or institute outside Australia.



Diploma or any trade qualification completed in Australia.


Any qualification or award recognized by the authority for the nominated skilled occupation.



Special education qualifications (Masters degree or Doctorate degree from an Australian educational institution)




Qualifications from outside Australia should be from any recognized institution with a recognized course then only the qualification will be considered. 

  • Spouse application: if an applicant’s spouse or partner is also accompanying, then the applicant gets additional points.


Spouse qualification


Spouse has a PR visa or an Australian citizen 


Spouse has competent English and has a Positive skill assessment 


Spouse has only Competent English



The applicant can get additional points if they meet the given criteria:



Study in regional area 


Approved in community language 


Professional years in a skilled program in Australia


State sponsorship 


Study in Australia minimum two years (full time)


Special education qualification 


Relative or regional sponsorship 



Permanent Resident (PR) in Australia: 

Permanent Residents (PR) in Australia have the right to work and study anywhere of their choice with much fewer restrictions than the temporary visa holders in Australia. To know an individual’s eligibility, they must check it from the PR calculator. 

Check your points now with our Australia PR points calculator.

For traveling, you must have a permanent visa with valid travel authority to return as a permanent resident. Without it, you will not be allowed to enter Australia. 

Also, permanent residents cannot vote or run any political party unless they were enrolled to vote as a British subject before 1984. 

Why immigrate to Australia from India:  

There are many reasons why people choose Australia for immigration because of its culture, environment, and the facilities it provides, such as free education for children, healthcare services, and job opportunities in different sectors like IT, Healthcare, etc. 

Australia’s Permanent Migration Program provides family and economic migration, and it is also the main pathway to permanent residence. 

There are many visas for immigrants to Australia, including the Skill stream, Family stream, and Special eligibility visas. 

Skill stream visas:  This visa is for skilled and qualified workers who want to work in Australia, and the Australian economy needs them.

There are different types of visas in the skill stream:

  1. Business Innovation and Investment
  2. Distinguished Talent
  3. Employer Sponsored
  4. Global Talent (Independent)
  5. Regional
  6. Skilled Independent
  7. State and Territory Nominated

Family and Child Stream visas: The Family and Child stream visa allows permanent residents’ close family members to migrate with them. It focuses mainly on parents, children, and aged-dependent relatives. In addition, carers and the rest of the relatives are also allowed to join their family in Australia. 

Child stream visas are for children of permanent residents. It comprises two visas, namely; Child and Adoption Visas.

Special Eligibility Visas: This visa is for the specific people who served in the Defence Force of Australia to live as permanent residents in Australia. 

Australian permanent residents will get five years of travel facility. They can enter or leave whenever they wish within those five years. 

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Read these FAQs

How many points do I need for PR in Australia?

A minimum of 65 points is required to be eligible for an Australia PR visa as per the Australian PR points system.

What is the PTE score for PR?

A PTE score of a minimum of 189-190 points based on the types of visas and subclasses and a minimum score of 65 and above

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