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Study in Denmark : Explore Top Universities and Courses

Denmark has a highly-reputed education system. The top-universities in Denmark promise an excellent education system and offer practical knowledge. Students from all over the world, especially India, go to study in Denmark.
In 2020, 15,000 Indians immigrated to Denmark and after 2020 the number has increased due to better education opportunities.Denmark universities have set a path-breaking benchmark for the other universities.
They have a research-oriented approach, which many other universities now follow. The universities in Denmark received a great ranking from the ‘QS ranking report of 2024,’ and many universities even entered the top 100 in the list. 

Benefits of Studying in Denmark 

  1. Top- ranked universities : Universities in Denmark are highly valued internationally. These universities stand out for their remarkable degrees that they offer.  
  2. Building a Network : Building a network is essential for boosting one’s career. Meeting new people, skilled professionals and experts are an add-on to the network of international students. 
  3. Affordable tuition fees : The most important advantage of studying in Denmark is its affordability. The expenses of living over there are lower in comparison to other countries.  
  4. Work-life balance : Denmark believes in work-life balance. This belief helps maintain a positive environment for a student. In such a supporting atmosphere, the student feels less stressed and can work efficiently.  

What are documents required for studying in Denmark for Indian students? 

The documents required for availing a Denmark Student Visa are listed below - 
  • A proper letter of admission from your university 
  • Passport and colored photographs 
  • S1 form 
  • Evidence of English or Danish language proficiency 
  • Proof of your financial stability 
  • Complete breakdown of your academic record 
  • Medical reports showing that you are physically fit 

Average Cost of Studying in Denmark 

The average cost of studying in Denmark is 44,618 - 118,982  DKK per year. However, the average cost of living in Denmark is 9,518 - 13,385 DKK per month. This would include the charges of accommodation, food expenses and transportation. 
Top Universities and their Average tuition fees 

Name of University
Average tuition fees per year
University of Copenhagen
17,000 EUR 
Technical University of Denmark
15,000 EUR
Aarhus University
15,300 EUR
University of Southern Denmark 
13,900 EUR 
Aalborg University 
13,553 EUR
Roskilde University
18,000 EUR 
Copenhagen Business School 
15,200 EUR 

Scholarships You Can Apply For - 

  • The Nordplus Program
  1. It is for the high- performing students that want to attend a university in the Nordic or Baltic region.
  2. The amount that each semester is DKK 7,000. 
  • Danish Government Scholarships
  1. Students from abroad enrolled in any kind of full-degree program are eligible for this scholarship. 
  2. People might get fee waivers or the amount that covers basic needs. 
  • Scholarships to Study a Master's in Europe
  1. Students interested in pursuing a master's degree in Europe get a benefit of 5,000 EUR or more. 
  • Erasmus Mundus 
  1. Both EEA/Non EEA students who are registered under a Master’s program are eligible for this scholarship.
  2. The Government of Denmark provides 10,000 EUR per month as a stipend. 
  • The Danish State Educational Support 
  1. This is generally for the residents in Denmark but in case international students meet the eligibility criteria of this scholarship, they are granted this educational support.
  2. The eligibility criteria is according to EU and Danish rules and regulations. 

Top Courses in Denmark 

Study opportunities offered by Denmark are a gateway to a rewarding and promising future. You should choose your desired program according to your goals. 
Studying in Denmark offers a chance to become highly educated, have useful skills, and become fully immersed in a creative and culturally diverse environment. 
With its wide variety of programs and focus on practical knowledge, Denmark offers excellent academic opportunities. The most popular courses are - 

  • Business and Management - There are reputable business schools with programs including the MBA, MSc in Finance, and MSc in Denmark. These courses emphasize innovation, sustainability, and responsible leadership while providing students with the skills they need to succeed in the global business environment.
  • Engineering and Technology - This field combines theoretical knowledge with practical work experience. Denmark offers engineering, robotics and computer science related courses. 
  • Life and Environment Sciences—Denmark universities offer programs in Marine biology, environmental engineering, and food science. Their main goal is to promote sustainability and green initiatives. 
  • Social Sciences - Subjects such as psychology, sociology, history, and economics help the country's overall development. At an individual level, these will build their critical thinking, intercultural understanding, and communication skills. 
  • Creative Arts—Programs in the creative arts category nurture creativity and visual-oriented skills. Architecture and fashion designers fall into this category. 

Intakes in Denmark 

Denmark has two intakes yearly, one is in summer and the other is winter. For the summer one, candidates wanting to appear in under-graduation and post-graduate programs can apply from January to mid-March. Meanwhile, those wanting to go in winter have to send their application in between July and September.

Post - Study Work Opportunities 

You can build a strong career by studying in Denmark. Denmark provides a lot of work opportunities. International students can apply for post-study work visas and can work in Denmark for three years.
You can apply for the jobs that match your interests as well as skills. There are certain skills that are in-demand in Denmark such as technical and creative skills. The in-demand jobs are as follows- 
  • Architect
  • Biochemist
  • Chief Accountant
  • Civil Engineer
  • Dentist
  • Doctor
  • Electronics Engineer
  • IT Project Manager
  • Lawyer
  • Librarian
  • Marketing Manager
  • Music Teacher
  • Nurse
  • Pharmacist
  • Psychologist
  • Sales Manager
  • Secondary School Teacher
  • Web Developer

How can Stark Visas help you? 

We have a team of government-verified immigration lawyers. Our main goal is to help our clients manage their profiles and have a personalized and transparent approach. We genuinely believe that ‘your immigration dreams are our responsibility.’ We make sure that the documentation process is on time in Denmark universities and try to make the candidate’s profile stand out in the crowd.

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