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Average Salary in Australia

Australia boasts a thriving economy, and the average salary package in Australia is quite luring for anyone seeking a PR Visa.

The average weekly salary for Australians is $1838, per the August 2023 statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). Remarkably, this signifies an annual growth of 3.9%, equating to a $68 weekly hike. This surge represents the most robust yearly growth since May 2013.

Median Salary in Australia

In 2023, the median monthly salary in Australia is 6,650 AUD (equivalent to USD 4,420). Median salary refers to the mid-ground, where one half earns more than 6,650 AUD while the other half earns less.

Average Wage Rate in Australia:

As per the Australian Bureau of Statistics, it has been mandated to provide a minimum hourly wage of 21.38 AUD (equivalent to USD 14.21) for both part-time and full-time employees in Australia. Notably, Australia's minimum wage surpasses that of the United States, which stands at USD 7.25 per hour and exceeds the basic salary in the United Kingdom, which is GBP 10.42 (USD 12.93) per hour.

Post-Pandemic Salary Distribution:

In the post-pandemic scenario, salary packages have significantly increased for Australians, playing a pivotal role in job decisions. As inflation takes center stage, fair compensation has become a top priority for many individuals, with 40% of candidates on SEEK emphasizing its increased importance compared to the Pre-Covid era. The Reserve Bank of Australia underscores this trend, noting a surge in job mobility nationwide. In response, firms should aim at enhancing their appeal through higher wages and additional benefits. This imperative arises against the RBA's escalating interest rates, showcasing a dynamic shift in the factors influencing workforce decisions.

State and City Vise Average Salaries in Australia:

Western Australia:

Western Australia emerges as the zenith of earning potential, fueled by the presence of mining professionals demanding higher salaries. 

New South Wales: The average salary in New Wales stands at $1805 weekly; the bustling state showcases a nuanced balance in earnings.

Victoria: Standing at $1754 weekly is the average salary for full-time working adults.

Queensland: Tallying at $1804 weekly, Queensland's salary packages are high due to the presence of various industries, creating a dynamic economic structure.

South Australia: With a weekly average of $1752, the state's workforce demonstrates stability amid economic flux, fostering sustained growth.

Western Australia: The earnings apex at $1902 weekly. The mining sector is the economic powerhouse and its presence makes Western Australia a great working destination.

Tasmania: Carving its niche with a weekly average of $1641, Tasmania has a good economic stability.

Northern Territory: The weekly average salary in Northern Territory is $1867; this territory has a tremendous industrial distribution.

In New South Wales (NSW), the average weekly earnings for full-time adults are $1,831.90. A mere $6.1 below the national average, but still is a stable figure and is anticipated to grow in the coming years. 

Sydney: Sydney, the metropolis, witnesses an average salary of $80,000 annually, as reported statistically through insights from over 58,000 workers. Sydney is a financial hub. It has a dynamic infrastructure and excellent job opportunities.

Victoria: In Victoria, the average weekly earnings for full-time adults, regardless of gender, is around $1,832.90, just $5.1 below the national average. 

Melbourne: Turning towards Melbourne, the city's annual average salary is $75,000, a great average derived from over 57,000 individual reports on salary and compensation. Melbourne is known as the cultural hub and a dynamic job sector.

Queensland: In Queensland, full-time workers earn an average weekly ordinary salary of $1,791.00, positioning them $47 below the national average. Men in the state enjoy an average weekly earnings of $1,887.80, surpassing the national average, while women experience a lower weekly salary of $1,637.80.

 Brisbane: Brisbane, Queensland's capital, has an average annual salary of $73,000 for full-time workers. This report has been taken from salary reports of more than 30,000 Brisbane professionals. 

South Australia: In South Australia, the weekly average for full-time workers is $1,677.80, a notable $160.20 below the national average. 

Adelaide: The average yearly salary of Adelaide is $70,000, as presented by PayScale data sourced from more than 16,000 individual reports. 

Western Australia: Western Australia booms with one of the highest weekly average earnings for full-time workers among all states and territories, with a striking figure of $2,039.30. This weekly amount surpasses the national average by $201.30. 

Perth: Perth, the capital of Western Australia, boasts an average annual salary of $77,000, as reported by PayScale, drawing from 22,000 individual reports. 

Tasmania: In Tasmania, the average salary for full-time workers settles at $1,619.30 per week, $218.70 below the national average. This figure moderately increases to $1,652.10 for men working full-time in Tasmania, still below the national average. Women, however, experience a further drop, with an average of $1,565.70.

Hobart: Hobart's economic strength is revealed through an average annual salary of $65,000 for full-time workers, derived from reports of over 2,000 individuals. In the Northern Territory, full-time workers can anticipate average earning of $1,775.90 per week, trailing $62.10 below the national average. 

East state in Australia has a significant contribution to economic growth.

Northern Territory: The diverse economic landscape of the Northern Territory (NT) and the pre-existing gender dichotomy in earnings comes to the front. Males working in the north enjoy a whooping weekly earning surge, surpassing the national average at $1,912.10. In stark contrast, their female counterparts experience a further dip below the federal threshold, settling at $1,614.10 weekly.

Darwin: Looking closely into the capital, Darwin, the city's economic average annual salary is $72,000 for full-time workers, as per recent Pay Scale data collected from over 1,000 individual salary reports. 

Australian Capital Territory's (ACT): Australia's political hub, the ACT, emerges with the second-highest average weekly earnings in the nation at $2,022.90 for full-time workers. The gender dynamics are pronounced, with men in the ACT enjoying an elevated average weekly ordinary time earnings of $2,192.00—$354 more than the national average. For women, the weekly average in the ACT hovers at $1,911.40, still eclipsing the national average by $73.40.

 Canberra: Canberra’s average salary has been reported as $71,000 for full-time workers, as per data collated from around 2,500 individual earning reports. 


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Read these FAQs

What is a good salary in Australia?

The average weekly earnings in Australia is 2787 Australian Dollars (INR 153,267).

What is the average salary in Australia per month?

The monthly median salary in Australia is 6650 AUS Dollars (INR 365,512).

What is the highest paying job in Australia?

Some of the highest paying jobs in Australia are Executive, IT Managers, Surgeons, Legal: Equity Partners and Cloud Engineers.

How much do Indians earn in Australia?

The average salary an Indian can earn in Australia is somewhere around INR 30.5 lakhs annually.

What job is easy to get in Australia?

Yes, Indians can immigrate to Australia, and Stark Visas is here to help you throughout.

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