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What is the Average Salary in Canada?

The average salary in Canada allows its residents and citizens to live a life without any difficulties and function smoothly. 
However, the average salary for a full-time worker in Canada is $63,013 per year and $1,211 per week. This determines a significant 4% increase in salary growth than the previous year.
Aspiring immigrants from all over the world choose Canada as their dream destination because of the great career opportunities, standard of living, and high-earning job prospects. 
Canada offers an attractive remuneration package to workers, irrespective of their skills and experience in any occupation. They can earn anywhere between CAD 30,200 to CAD 534,000. 
The compensation and other facilities, such as housing, medical facilities, transportation, and other benefits, depend on your profile, job sector, and industry type. 

Find Out the Highest-Paying Job and Average Salary in Canada

Canada offers a wide range of opportunities for aspiring immigrants to live a life comfortably in the country. 
Among many fine benefits, the country also provides job opportunities with lucrative salary packages. 
If you are applying for Canada PR, it is important for you to take into account good salary packages with job prospects before the submission of your visa application. 
Despite your qualifications, work experience, and job profile, you can easily earn a decent salary package to live a quality life in Canada. 

Average Salary in the Provinces:

Canada is a great choice to immigrate if you want financial stability. The country is known as the ‘Land of Opportunities,’ some of the robust provinces like Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec maintain their high wage status. 
However, provinces like Newfoundland, Labrador, and Saskatchewan are increasing their average wages with their counterparts. 
Not all provinces and territories pay their employees the same. Canada has different average annual salaries for each province and territory. 
Let’s look into the average salary of Canadian provinces and territories: 

(Table: Provinces and Salary distribution)

Province Salary
Northwest Territories $87,670 (+5.5%)
British Columbia  $57,416 (+5.6%)
Yukon $66,812 (+5.0%)
Nunavut $99,355 (+20.2%)
Québec  $51,735 (+5.8%)
Nova Scotia  $50,450 (+4.5%)
Ontario $55,524 (+3.8%)
Prince Edward Island $48,932 (+4.7%)
Newfoundland and Labrador $65,358 (+2.4)
New Brunswick $49,511 (+3.9%)
Manitoba $52,661 (+1.1%)
Saskatchewan $57,371 (+2.1%)
Alberta $65,865 (+4.2%)

Growing Job Sectors and Industries:

Explore the different growing job sectors and industries in Canada before applying for Canada PR.  
Various industries and provinces in Canada witnessed significant salary growth. Many of the industries and job sectors have seen an impressive growth of 8% to 26%. 
By understanding the growing sectors and industries in Canada, it will become easier and help you get a job in Canada from India. Through valuable insight from this, you will be able to understand better about the in-demand jobs and average salary in Canada. 

(Table: Salary based on your profile, experience, and expertise)

Job Profile Salary
Accommodation and Food Services $28,977.92 (+6.4%)
Administrative and Support $52,349.92 (+9.4%)
Arts, Entertainment and Recreation $45,242.77 (+26.3%)
Construction $70,354.28 (+3.2%)
Education $62,343.42 (+6.5%)
Finance and Insurance $82,843 (+9.1%)
Forestry and Logging $59,739.20  (-5.9%)
Health Care and Social Assistance $63,898.68 (+8.4%)
Information and Culture Industries $75,654 (+4.3%)
Management of Companies and Enterprises $77,750.72 (+0.2%)
Manufacturing $62,250,36 (+1.6%)
Mining, Oil and Gas Extraction $117,506.12 (+3.1%)
Professional, Scientific and Technical Services $82,077.56 (+2.0%)
Public Administration $75,825.88 (+9.3%)
Real Estate (Rental/Leasing) $62,623.76 (+14.6%)
Retail  $37,503.04 (+8.0%)
Transportation and Warehousing $66,011.08 (+6.7%)
Utilities $121,531.04 (+2.6%)
Wholesale Trade $68,456.48 (+2.8%)
Here are some of the in-demand jobs in Canada:
  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Mining oil and gas extraction
  • Wholesale
  • Retail
  • Transportation and Warehousing
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Healthcare and social assistance
  • Real estate, rental, and leasing
  • Professional, scientific, and technical services
  • Accommodation and food services 

Canada PR– An Insight into the High-wage Landscape:

The key sectors that define Canada's high-wage landscape are energy and natural resources, finance and insurance, and scientific and technical services stand out, offering not just jobs but pathways to substantial financial growth.
Physicians: The growth rate of a physician knows no bounds, where the average salary reaches an impressive CAD 15,890 (INR 975,492)- CAD 509,306 (INR 31,266,512.82), creating a lucrative niche for professionals in this field.
Mining, Oil, and Gas Extraction: The salary scale in this industry is soaring to CAD 154,244 (INR 9,464,419), making it a powerhouse sector for those seeking substantial financial growth.
Finance and Insurance: Positioned as one of Canada's highest-paying sectors, professionals in finance and insurance command an average salary of CAD 105,729 (INR 6,487,536), promising financial stability and growth.
Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services: Canada is very pertinent towards its growth, and professional services bag a whooping package with an average salary of CAD 103,316 (INR 6,343,040), where expertise is not just valued but also highly rewarded.
Public Administration: The realm of public administration is quite rewarding, offering an average salary of CAD 103,004 (INR 6,320,330), where your contributions can make a meaningful impact.
Salary Increments and Individual Performance: There has been a 9% Annual Increase in salaries across various sectors, and Canada is thriving in prosperity.
While the average annual salary increase in Canada stands at an impressive 9%, the individual journey varies. Understand the factors influencing these increments, with performance and organizational contributions playing pivotal roles in shaping your financial trajectory.

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Read these FAQs

Is 60000 CAD a good salary?

6000 CAD monthly is a decent salary in Canada.

How much an Indian can earn in Canada?

The average Indian salary in Canada is INR 3,156,312 annually.

Can Indians settle in Canada?

Yes, Indians can settle in Canada, and Stark Visas is here to assist you.

What is the Average Salary in Canada in INR?

The Average Salary in Canada is $63,013 per year (52,62,656.72 INR) and $1,211 per week (1,01,123.95 INR).

How much is rent in Canada?

According to the 2023 report, the average rent in Canada is $2,193.

How much do Indians get paid in Canada?

According to the Labour Force Survey data, the average salary for Indians is $5,404 (3,31,612 INR) and $64,850 (39,79,467 INR).

Is it really worth moving to Canada from India?

Yes, it is definitely worth moving to Canada if you want to live a better standard of life with your family and enjoy many benefits, such as quality of education and universal healthcare.

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