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Study in Malta : Courses, Universities and Education System

International students have a lot of confusion regarding which study destination to pick. Malta is one of the best countries to study in. The country is truly a mix of modernity and ancient culture. With its high-quality education, exciting post-study opportunities, Malta truly stands out as a remarkable study destination. 

Benefits of Studying in Malta 


There are a number of benefits to studying in Malta. Some of them are: 

Great quality of education - The quality of education is an important factor. The academic institutions in Malta lays its focus on research and training. The courses offered in these institutions are so diverse that the candidate can choose it according to their needs and fulfill their educational aspirations.

Safe study spot - Malta is regarded as one of the safest study spots in the world. The families don’t have to worry much about their child’s safety as the crime rate is low. The atmosphere around the universities is very relaxing and friendly. 

Tax benefits - The international students studying in Malta can actually benefit from the tax policies curated by the government. The students often get 60% costs funded by the Ministry of Education. There are other tax credits that international students get in Malta. 

Lower cost of living - In comparison to other European countries, Malta is relatively cheap in terms of living. Instead of going for private renting, people can go to student halls and dorms. 

Malta Education System 

Malta's educational system is governed by the Ministry of Education, Sport, Youth, Research, and Innovation (MEYR). There are 2 main fundamental things - quality and equity. There are four phases in the Maltese educational system:
Stage 1 to 3 (Pre-primary, Primary, Secondary) 
There are three types under the Malta schooling system such as state, church, and independent schools.Public funding is provided to state schools, which use the British curriculum. 

A wide variety of disciplines are taught to students. They take tests at the middle and end of the year. Church schools offer pre-primary and upper secondary education. There are optional Catholic religion courses. 

International students in Malta generally go to independent schools, which include private and international schools. 

Like many other European nations, Malta's schools are all handled by the Ministry of Education. 

Stage 4 (Tertiary and Beyond) 
The fourth level of education in Malta includes colleges and universities. These institutions provide international students a variety of options to pursue further education in order to acquire the skills and knowledge required in their chosen disciplines. 

A number of private schools and colleges in Malta provide a broad choice of courses. These courses might cover topics like management, marketing, and other specialized subjects.

Study in Malta Without IELTS

The best part about Studying in Malta is that you can study over there without IELTS. All the international students who come from English speaking countries can study without submitting IELTS scores. Moreover, there are some universities in Malta that are flexible enough to take students without IELTS. 

Courses Offered to International Students in Malta 

Students should choose their courses efficiently. There are a plenty of courses that international students in Malta offer: 
  • Business and Management - If you are someone who is interested in starting a business and want to refine your management skills, then you can register for this course. In such courses, candidates can learn about various functions of an organization such as sales, finance, HR and marketing.
  • Information Technology - These would include computer courses, architecture, data structures and algorithms. The IT industry is expanding rapidly and doing such courses can add value to your profile. 
  • Finance and Economics - Individuals who want to gain knowledge about finance can do such courses. After taking such courses, you will be able to make decisions such as where to invest, when to invest and how to invest. You can opt for entrepreneurship courses, banking and accounting courses. 
  • Hospitality Management - This course would provide you with the skills and knowledge about managing a hospitality business. 

When can I study in Malta? 

There are two intakes for studying in Malta- the Autumn intake and Winter intake. 

October Intake: Almost all universities in Malta participate in October intake, making it the primary intake month. For this intake, July - August is the deadline. Those who wish to study in Malta can therefore verify the availability of their desired course and university and submit an application. 

February Intake: Malta's February intake is a great chance for individuals who were unable to attend the October intake, even if it is not a very significant intake. For this intake, applications must be submitted by December or January 31. Students should be aware that not all universities participate in this intake, therefore they should confirm the availability before applying.

Top Universities and Average tuition fees 

The table below shows the universities with its average tuition fees:- 
Name of the university
Average tuition fees
The University of Malta 11,000 EUR
Institute of Tourism Studies Malta 9000 EUR
American University of Malta 16,837.09 EUR
Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology 18,863.71 EUR
London School of Malta 7,547.76 EUR
Queen Mary University of London 8,000 EUR
STC University 7,000 EUR
Global College of Malta 4,343.17 EUR
Learn Key Institute 12,000 EUR
Advenio eAcademy  10,000 EUR

Study Visa in Malta - Types and Duration 

Generally, there are two types of study visas in Malta. 

Schengen Type D - If the course you are applying for is longer than 3 months, then you have to apply for this Visa.
Schengen Type C - If the study course you are applying for is only for 90 days, then you will have to apply for this Visa.

What are the Documents required for Studying in Malta? 

The documents required for Studying in Malta are as follows- 
  • A valid passport 
  • Two passport size photos 
  • Proof of finances 
  • Bank statements
  • Medical reports 
  • Top 5 Scholarships for International Students
  • You can try to avail for these scholarships in order to study in Malta- 
  • K.C. Mahindra Scholarship 
  • JN Tata Endowment Scholarship
  • Haini Zeini Scholarship 
  • Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Scholarship
  • Unimoni Student Stars 

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Read these FAQs

Is Malta a good place to study?

It is a safe study abroad destination for international students.

Can Indian students study in Malta?

Yes, a student visa in Malta allows you to enter the country

Can I work in Malta after study?

Malta offers a post-study work visa to those who complete studies in Malta.

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