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Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) - A Comprehensive Guide for 2024

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) is a provincial immigration program that nominates qualified immigrants for Canadian permanent residence. The SINP allows the province of Saskatchewan to nominate applicants based on its local labor market needs. The program has become an increasingly popular pathway for immigration to Canada

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about the Saskatchewan PNP, including the different streams, eligibility requirements, application process, supporting documents, processing times, and more.

Overview of the Saskatchewan PNP

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) operates under an immigration agreement between the federal and provincial governments. Under this agreement, Saskatchewan can nominate a specified number of immigrant applicants each year based on its economic and labor needs.

The SINP offers a faster and simpler nomination process compared to other Canadian immigration programs. It allows the province to select applicants who have the skills, education, work experience and intent to settle in Saskatchewan. 

The government of Saskatchewan first introduced the SINP in 1996. Since then, over 130,000 immigrants have been nominated under this program. The SINP has become an increasingly popular pathway for immigration due to Saskatchewan's strong economy and growing labor shortages.

What are the different SINP Streams 

The Saskatchewan PNP has three main categories under which applicants can qualify for provincial nomination:

1. International Skilled Worker Category

The International Skilled Worker Category is for skilled workers with post-secondary education or training and work experience who want to immigrate to Saskatchewan and enter the provincial labor market. 

This category has sub-categories for different applicant profiles: 

Occupation In-Demand sub-category: For applicants currently working in an in-demand occupation in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Express Entry sub-category: For applicants eligible under the Federal Express Entry system. 

Entrepreneur and Farm sub-category: For applicants wanting to start a business or farm in Saskatchewan.

Health Profession sub-category: For physicians, nurses and other health professionals with job offers in Saskatchewan.

Students sub-category: For international students who graduated from a Saskatchewan education institution.

2. International Entrepreneur Category

This category is for experienced entrepreneurs who want to own and actively manage a business in Saskatchewan. Applicants are first nominated under a temporary work permit before qualifying for permanent residence.

3. Farm Owners and Operators Category

This category allows farmers with entrepreneurial skills and farming experience to immigrate and establish a farming operation in Saskatchewan. Applicants must have a strong business plan and investment capital.

SINP Eligibility Requirements

To qualify under the SINP, applicants must meet criteria set for each stream such as:

  • Have legal status in country of residence
  • Meet minimum education and work experience requirements for the stream 
  • Have a language proficiency of CLB 4 in English or French 
  • Intend to live and work in Saskatchewan 
  • Obtain a minimum point score on the selection grid
  • Have proof of settlement supports and funds 

Applicants should carefully review the eligibility criteria for the SINP stream they are applying under before submitting an application. Factors like age, education, work experience and language ability can impact eligibility.

SINP Application Process 

The process to apply through the Saskatchewan PNP involves the following key steps:

  1. Research the streams and ensure you meet the eligibility requirements. 
  2. Prepare and gather all required supporting documents such as educational credentials, proof of work experience, language test results, business plan, etc.
  3. Complete the online SINP application form and upload all supporting documents. Pay the required application fees.
  4. The SINP will assess the application against eligibility criteria, rank it and issue a nomination if approved.
  5. Apply for permanent residence to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) within 6 months of nomination. 
  6. Obtain medical examination and police clearances.
  7. IRCC grants permanent residence if the application meets federal requirements.

SINP Application Fees

There is a CAD $300 application fee for the International Skilled Worker Category. Applicants in all other categories must pay a CAD $500 fee

Any dependents included in the application are also subject to fee payments that vary based on age. All fees must be paid via credit card through the online application portal.

SINP Document Requirements

Applicants must compile and submit specific documents based on the program stream and immigration category being applied under. Some key documents include:

  • Passport biodata page 
  • Birth/marriage certificates 
  • Educational credentials like degrees, diplomas, certificates
  • Language test results like IELTS or CELPIP 
  • Work reference letters from employers
  • Qualification recognition documents 
  • Business ownership or farming documentation
  • Settlement funds evidence
  • Police clearances certificates

All documents not in English or French must be officially translated. Documents must be clear color scans or copies. Failure to provide required documents can lead to rejection.

SINP Processing Times

The time required to process SINP applications varies by stream and ranges from 1 to 8 months approximately. Processing times depend on application volumes and completeness of submitted information.

Applicants can check current processing times on the SINP website. They are advised to complete applications carefully and include all requested documents to avoid delays. 

SINP Priority Occupations List

Saskatchewan publishes an Occupations In-Demand list annually which identifies priority occupations facing labor shortages that align with the SINP streams. 

Some occupations on the current list include IT professionals, healthcare workers, engineers, technicians, mechanics, supervisors, managers, accountants, teachers, cooks and more.

Applicants with an occupation on this list can qualify for priority processing under certain SINP streams.

Benefits of the Saskatchewan PNP

Here are some key benefits of immigrating via the Saskatchewan PNP:

  • Provincial nomination provides faster permanent residence compared to other programs.
  • Allows applicants to settle in Saskatchewan where there is strong job market demand. 
  • Applicants can work in Saskatchewan on an open work permit while their PR application is processed.
  • Shorter processing times compared to Express Entry for many applicants.
  • Adoption of theExpress Entry selection grid provides more transparent scoring. 
  • No job offer required in most categories unlike other PNPs.
  • Allows provinces to select applicants who match economic and workforce needs.

In conclusion, the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program offers an excellent provincial pathway for immigration to Canada. The streams are designed to attract qualified workers, entrepreneurs and farmers who can fill Saskatchewan's labor market needs and settle successfully in the province. With strong job prospects and high quality of living, Saskatchewan is an attractive destination for newcomers to Canada.

Read these FAQs

What is the minimum score for Saskatchewan PNP?

Score a minimum of 60 points on the SINP point assessment grid.

How long does Saskatchewan PNP take?

The average processing time for the province is 3 to 4 months for obtaining Permanent Residency(PR) status through the Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP) express entry system but a lot also depends on the type of application of the candidate.

What is the cost of living in Saskatchewan?

The average cost of living in Saskatoon is $3,243/month for a single person who rents.

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