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  1. What is the Australian Subclass 189 Visa?
  2. What are the key features and benefits of this visa?
  3. What is the processing time and processing fee?
  4. What are the eligibility factors for this visa?
  5. The important documents required for Subclass 189
  6. What is an EOI and Points test?
  7. Why Stark Visas?

What is the Australian Subclass Visa 189?

An indefinite stay in Australia seems like a dream, isn’t it?  But it can become a reality; Australia has several accessible pathways that make you pack your bags and move immediately! Australia's Subclass 189 Visa is a merit-based, point-tested pathway for skilled professionals and hence is also known as the Skilled Independent Visa. This Visa is your way to Australian PR.

Venturing into a new life with new goals in Australia? The subclass 189 visa is your divine intervention. You do not require a nomination from any specific state or territory, so what are you waiting for? You are just an invitation away from moving to the Land Down Under.

The Skilled Independent Subclass 189 Visa is for those professionals who are not sponsored by any Australia-based employer or family member does not sponsor. 


What are the key features and benefits of this visa?

Permanent Residency: The Subclass 189 visa is for skilled workers who have the required qualifications and experience for occupations listed on the qualified occupation list (SOL). The Subclass 189 visa is your ticket to an independent permanent residency, allowing you to live, work and study in the industry and province of your choice. Other subclass visas usually require sponsorships, but Subclass 189 is not bound to any such conditions.

 No Sponsorship Required: One of the key features of the Subclass 189 visa is that you do not require employer sponsorship or family nomination. This freedom empowers you. Your career decisions are solely based on merit, liberating you from being tied to a particular employer or industry. 

Points-Based System: The visa application process ranks you based on a points-based system, which evaluates factors such as age, English proficiency, qualifications, and work experience. Do you believe in your merits? Then this Visa is just the right fit for you! This visa invites candidates that have the highest sustainability. The Australian government aims at expanding the diversity of its workforce

Access to Education: If you are a holder of the Subclass 189 visa, you cannot even comprehend the educational benefits it comes with. From getting admissions in the top-notch universities to enrolling your kids to the highest level of excellence, this visa has it all.

Expression of Interest (EOI) System: The application process for the Subclass 189 visa begins with the submission of an Expression of Interest (EOI) through the SkillSelect portal. This enables the Australian government to select the best among the lot.

Permanent Residency Benefits: If you have a Subclass 189 visa, you can stay in Australia as long as you want. You are also given access to healthcare through Medicare, social security benefits, and the option to apply for Australian citizenship after 3 years of stay. This pathway offers stability and a sense of belonging to the Great Southern Land. A home away from home!

Invite Your Family Members: Through this Visa, you have the opportunity to sponsor your family members to come stay with you. This is to promote inclusivity. You can either include your family members while lodging for your visa or even after that. The only prerequisite is that they should have their health and character certificates intact.


What is the Processing Time and Processing Fee?

One of the remarkable aspects of the Subclass 189 Visa is its efficient processing time. Other visas may take longer than 8 months, but you can attain your Subclass 189 visa within 6-8 months. However, some factors have to be taken into consideration for a better processing time.


Processing Time189 Visa Permanent Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189) Visa
7- 12 Days Confirm that your occupation or profile is on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL).
0-15 Days Ensure to fulfill all of the qualifying conditions.
2- 3 Months Complete the Skills Assessment Tests.
15 Days Submit via Skill Select an EOI.
2 Months Lodging Visa Application
15 - 30 Days Await the decision.


The processing fee for the primary applicant is AUD 4640. However the fee varies if you have accompanying family members or if you do not fulfill a given requirement. You can make these payments through multiple modes of payment including your Debit and Credit cards. This table demonstrates the fee distribution:

Main Applicant AUD 4,640
Secondry Applicant AUD 2,320
Child (Fewer than 18 years) AUD 1,160


What are the eligibility factors for this visa?

To be eligible for the Subclass 189 Visa, you must meet the following criteria. This includes:

  • Your skills and experience must align with the requirements stated under the qualified occupation list (SOL)
  • A point-based system is employed for this visa: Make sure you have the minimum qualifying points. You are evaluated based on: age, English proficiency, qualifications, and work experience. The minimum qualifying score is 65 out of 100.
  • You must submit an EOI (Expression of Interest)
  • You must receive an ITA


The Important documents required for Subclass 189:

You must submit the mandatory Application Form

  • Passport and passport -sized photographs
  • Skill Assessment Test results
  • Language Proficiency Test results
  • Documents that attest your previous occupation
  • Documents of your highest educational qualifications
  • Skills of your spouse/partners
  • Relationship-proof 
  • Your Character Certificate
  • Your Health Certificates and Vaccination Reports
  • Reference Letters from your previous employers

Once you have all the aforementioned documents ready, make sure you get them verified by Australia’s immigration officials to avoid any glitches or delays in the process.


What is an EOI and Point Test?

EOI stands for Expression of Interest. For the Skilled Independent Professional Visa, you have to submit an EOI, detailing your educational qualifications and work experience and inform why you are interested in applying for you to get an ITA.

  • Submitting the EOI is seamless if you meet all the prerequisites. 
  • You have to score at least 65 points to receive an ITA.
  • The point score eligibility must be met.


Why Stark Visas?

Authorized and Licensed Consultants: Benefit from consultations provided by MARA and ICCRC-authorized consultants.

Step-by-Step Guidance: Receive comprehensive guidance through eligibility assessments and the entire immigration process.

Secure Online Process: Experience transparency and security with our online systems, ensuring a trustworthy immigration journey.

Proven Track Record: You can rely on our extensive experience, having successfully processed over 1000+ applications, establishing us as a leading immigration consultant in India.

Multiple Assessments: Each case undergoes multiple assessments before submission, ensuring accuracy and success.

Complaint Redress System: Enjoy a streamlined process with our complaint redress system, offering solutions to any concerns

Read these FAQs

What is subclass 189 visa in Australia?

The Skilled Independent Subclass 189 visa is a points-tested permanent visa for skilled workers who are not sponsored by an Australian employer, family member or nominated by a state or territory.

What is the difference between 189 and 190 visa Australia?

The main difference is that the Skilled Independent Visa (189) has no sponsorship requirement, whereas the holder of a Skilled Nominated Visa (190) must be “sponsored” by a state or territory.

How long does Aus 189 visa take?

The overall processing time for the Subclass 189 visa can range from eight to nine months after the submission of the Skilled Independent Visa application.

How long is the 189 visa valid for in Australia?

While the travel component of the visa expires after 5 years.

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