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New Zealand Immigration and its Benefits

New Zealand is a beautiful country with wealthy opportunities. The weather here is less humid and warm. Its cities and towns are busy, but they are less populated than other cities, with only 4 million people, 39.5 million sheep, and 9 million cattle. 

People immigrate to New Zealand for its friendly environment, good weather, and ample opportunities. Individuals living here appreciate their work and balance in life, which many people fancy. 

New Zealand offers a high quality of life and low expenses, providing many opportunities, such as plenty of work openings in the IT, Engineering, and medicine sectors. 

There has been a recent growth in jobs such as Human resources, recruitment, production, transportation and logistics, trade and service, and engineering and services. 

People searching for jobs can immigrate to New Zealand as the country demands skilled professionals in different sectors, including IT professionals, Healthcare workers, engineers, construction workers, and hospitality staff. 

Why Immigrate from India to New Zealand?

There are many reasons why people immigrate to New Zealand. Some are listed below: 

  • Healthcare: New Zealand offers a universal healthcare system where residents can receive free or subsidized healthcare. The quality of healthcare is extremely high compared to other countries with free healthcare systems. 
  • Social Security Benefits: Permanent residents of New Zealand receive a great range of Social Security Benefits after meeting the residency requirements. It includes Job Seeker Support, Sole Parent Support, and Supported Living Payments. 
  • Employment Benefits: After getting a New Zealand visa, a person becomes eligible to work in New Zealand or its economic zone, which provides ample opportunities and a wide range of jobs in various sectors. 
  • International Education: New Zealand has an extraordinary education system. It provides free access to education at the primary and secondary schools run by the state and subsidized fees for domestic students at tertiary institutions and private schools.
  • Family Sponsorship: A permanent resident of New Zealand can sponsor their family, including parents, partners, or dependent children, to apply for a visa and join them in living and working in New Zealand.
  • Apply for Citizenship: A person after becoming a permanent resident of New Zealand and living there for a particular period, an individual can apply for citizenship. It provides all the rights and privileges of citizenship, including the right to hold a New Zealand passport.
  • Citizenship for a Newborn: Children born in New Zealand are granted New Zealand Citizenship. Families who want to raise their children in a safe, friendly environment with a bright future immigrate to New Zealand.
  • No Restrictions: After getting a New Zealand visa, people can enjoy the freedom to live, work, travel, and study anywhere in the country as long as they like. This is the prime advantage compared to many other countries restricting visa holders. 

What is the average salary in New Zealand?

The average salary in New Zealand varies and depends on the different sectors and industries. Jobs like Human Resources have an average salary of 79,988 NZD, Finance and Insurance is 81,776 NZD, Childcare and Education is 75,085 NZD, engineering is 92,349 NZD, and many more, providing various opportunities to immigrants or permanent residents of New Zealand.

What is the New Zealand PR Visa?

A New Zealand permanent visa allows an individual to experience several benefits, such as living, working, traveling, studying, and healthcare anywhere in the country. 

A permanent resident visa lets an individual stay in New Zealand for an unlimited period if they have had a New Zealand resident visa for more than two years. 

Resident visa and Permanent resident visa: 

With a resident visa, a person can travel as many times as they wish but for a certain period. However, with a Permanent resident visa, a person can travel unlimitedly and stay as long as they want.

What is the Eligibility for a New Zealand Permanent Resident Visa?

There are specific requirements to meet the eligibility criteria for the New Zealand permanent resident visa:

  • A person must have a resident visa for more than two years.
  • They must have invested in New Zealand.
  • They must have New Zealand tax resident status.
  • They have established a base in New Zealand.

Categories to apply for PR visa:

  • Skilled Migrant Category: This category of visa is appropriate for people who immigrate to New Zealand with the ambition to settle there. This Category is for those with skills, qualifications, and experience needed by New Zealand.  

This visa category gives a person the right to work, study as a domestic fee-paying student, receive free or subsidized healthcare and free education at the primary and secondary schools run by the state, and many more benefits.

  • Business and Investment Category: This category of visa is suitable for people who want to invest in any business in New Zealand or immigrate as Entrepreneurs. However, they must signify their commitment to establishing the business in New Zealand. 
  • Family Category: If an applicant is a partner, parent, or dependent child of a person residing in New Zealand as a permanent resident or a citizen. Then, the person should sponsor the applicant to live and work with them in New Zealand.

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Read these FAQs

Is ielts required for New Zealand PR?

For a New Zealand residence visa, the primary applicant needs an IELTS overall score of 6.5 or more.

How to get a job in New Zealand from India?

if you have an offer letter from a NZ-based company, good communication skills, educational & professional information, and medical fitness certificates.

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