province wise minimum wages in canada

What are the Province Wise Minimum Wages in Canada?

If you have applied for Canada PR or dream of doing a job in Canada, then you must be interested in knowing the minimum wages of different provinces in Canada.

What is the Minimum Wage? 

By definition, the lowest salary that an employer in Canada is permitted to pay is the minimum wage. The Canadian government fixes the Federal Minimum Wage. The corresponding provincial governments set the Provincial Minimum wage.
The minimum wage is applicable regardless of your mode of payment. In simpler terms, it makes no difference if you receive an incentive-based compensation, commission, hourly rate, or salary.
The majority of workers (full-time, part-time or casually employed) are entitled to the minimum wage. The minimum wage does not have to be applied to time taken off for coffee breaks or meals consumed outside of the workplace.
The Government of Canada does not decide the maximum wage that an employee can be paid. On the other hand, the minimum wage raises concerns about equitable employment practices. 

In addition, protecting disadvantaged workers and fighting against poverty are the main goals.
Employers, employees, job-seekers and many more people research for minimum wages but the reasons could be different. 
Let us understand the different reasons one wants to know the minimum wages in different provinces of Canada - 
Job seekers - In order to be sure they are getting paid appropriately for their efforts, those seeking for work want to know the minimum wage.
Workers - Current workers should confirm that they are getting paid at least the legally required minimum wage.
Employers -  In order to go by the labour regulations and make sure they are paying their staff fairly, business owners and employers must be aware of the minimum wage.
Policymakers - Having a basic understanding of the minimum wage helps in the analysis of its effects on the labour market, employment trends, and living standards.
Authorities concerned with workers’ rights - Those groups dedicated to workers' rights want to be sure that they are rightly paid. 

Five Provinces that heading for an increase in Minimum Wages

These five major provinces had gone for an increase in minimum wages in October 2023. But there were few exceptions in the wages for certain occupations in provinces as well. 

1. Manitoba 
The minimum wage in Manitoba will rise to $15.30 per hour. Only the following categories of workers will be exempt from Manitoba's minimum wage - 
  • Election officials, enumerators, and any other temporary personnel designated under the Elections Act 
  • individuals in an authorized provincial or federal training program 
  • domestic workers who put in less than 12 hours per week of labor
2. Ontario
With an increase to $16.55 per hour, Ontario's minimum wage will surpass the federal minimum wage of $16.65 in Canada. Furthermore, salaries will rise for - 
  • All students under 18 years of age are paid at least $15.60 per hour
  • Individuals who work from home are paid at least $18.20 per hour
  • Hunting, fishing, and wilderness areas are paid at least $82.85 per day for less than five hours of labor, and $165.75 per day for five or more hours.

3. NewFoundland and Labrador 
In Newfoundland and Labrador, the minimum wage will be $15 per hour. There are no exceptions to this as per the latest updates. 
4. Nova Scotia 
The minimum wage of Nova Scotia was $15 per hour. The new minimum wage is when it will be  $15.25 per hour.
5. Saskatchewan 
In Saskatchewan, the minimum wage has increased to $14 per hour from $13. At the moment, Saskatchewan has Canada's lowest minimum wage.
Some employees do not have to be paid the minimum wage. The exemptions are - 
  • labourers in the fields of farming, ranching, or market gardening
  • certain caregivers working in private residences, for example babysitters 
  • athletes (only the ones who are engaged in an athletic goal) 
  • people with disabilities (either physical or mental) who volunteer for non-profit organizations and work in therapeutic, educational, or rehabilitative programs run by the concerned organizations.

Minimum Wages of Other Provinces - 




British Columbia 
Prince Edward Island 
New Brunswick 

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