top 10 most in demand job in canada

The Top 10 Most In-Demand Jobs in Canada in 2024


Canada is one of the top immigration destinations in the world thanks to its strong economy, high quality of life, and abundant job opportunities. With an aging population and low birth rate, Canada relies heavily on immigrants to meet its labor needs and fill skills shortages in various occupations. 

If you're considering immigrating to Canada for work, it's important to understand which jobs are most in demand so you can maximize your chances of getting hired. Canada's Express Entry System gives preference to immigrants with skills and experience that align with the country's economic needs. 

In this article, we discuss the top 10 most in-demand jobs in Canada for 2024 based on job growth projections, number of job openings, and skills shortages across the country. Whether you’re interested in healthcare, tech, or trade occupations, you’ll discover which careers offer the strongest outlook for immigrant professionals in Canada.

1. Software Developers and Engineers

With the technology sector booming in Canada, software developers and engineers are highly sought-after. These jobs in Canada allow professionals to work in exciting fields like artificial intelligence, big data, cybersecurity, and mobile app development. 

Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and Waterloo are major tech hubs with thousands of job vacancies for developers each year. Most provincial nominee programs prioritize tech talent, so software professionals have multiple immigration pathways to choose from.

The median salary for software developers in Canada is $80,000 CAD. With over 72,500 job openings expected by 2024, this is one of the top in-demand IT jobs in the years ahead.

2. Registered Nurses

Healthcare is Canada’s largest employment sector, and registered nurses (RNs) will be hugely in demand over the next decade. RNs provide essential frontline care in hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices, home healthcare services, and long-term care facilities across the country. 

All provinces in Canada need more nurses to strengthen their healthcare systems. British Columbia alone estimates it will need over 26,000 additional nurses by 2029.

The average RN salary in Canada is $75,000 CAD, making this one of the highest paying jobs you can get on a work permit. If you have a nursing degree and relevant experience, it’s straightforward to immigrate to Canada as a RN.

3. Financial Auditors and Accountants 

From major banks to startups, every company needs accounting professionals to manage finances, ensure accuracy, and advise on business growth opportunities. 

Chartered Professional Accountants (CPAs) are especially valued in Canada for their financial reporting and auditing expertise. Major metro areas like Toronto and Calgary have ample job openings, as do smaller cities like Halifax and Winnipeg.

The average salary for accountants in Canada is $65,000 CAD. With over 115,000 job openings expected in the accounting and finance sector over the next decade, this field offers great prospects under Express Entry and provincial nominee programs.

4. Early Childhood Educators

Early childhood educators (ECEs) play a vital role in the development of Canadian children under 5 years old. As more parents enter the workforce, childcare centers and preschools continue to expand across Canada.

ECEs plan curriculums, lead activities, and provide nurturing care to support children’s growth and school readiness. The average salary is $40,000 CAD, which rises with seniority and credentials like ECE diplomas or degrees.

With Canada’s aging population, immigration is the key solution to growing the childcare workforce. Over the next decade, ECE job growth is projected to increase by nearly 20 percent.

5. Construction Managers

Canada is investing billions in major infrastructure projects, new housing, hospitals, transit systems, and green energy developments. All this construction requires experienced managers to oversee complex, multi-year projects and ensure timely, on-budget delivery.

Construction managers are in demand across Canada, especially in major hubs like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal where development is booming. With an average salary of $90,000 CAD, construction management offers pay well above the national median.

Immigrants with 5+ years of construction management experience have good prospects to land jobs and settle permanently in Canada. Over 27,000 new positions are expected by 2026.

6. Physicians 

As a universal healthcare country, Canada relies on immigrant doctors to help serve its population of over 37 million. Family doctors and specialists like cardiologists, psychiatrists, and pediatricians are all hugely needed across urban, suburban, and rural communities.

It takes advanced credentials and training to qualify as a physician in Canada, but the investment pays off. The average salary for family doctors is $275,000 CAD, while many specialists earn $350-400K+ per year.

Provinces like Ontario, Manitoba, and Nova Scotia sponsor international medical graduates through Provincial Nominee Programs. Getting licensed takes time, but permanent residency and excellent compensation make Canada extremely appealing for doctors worldwide. 

7. Welders

Skilled trades play a big role in Canada’s construction, energy, and manufacturing industries. Welders are particularly sought after for their ability to join and sever metals using specialized techniques and equipment.

Welders earn a median salary of $52,000 CAD, with the potential to make $80K+ with extensive experience. Provinces like Alberta offer fast-track immigration options for welders and other tradespeople to fill local labor needs.

With over 75,000 job openings expected in welding and other metalworking trades, newcomers with proven expertise can build a strong career and life in Canada as a permanent resident.  

8. Truck Drivers

Truck drivers are absolutely vital to keeping Canada’s supply chain running smoothly. From long-haul routes between provinces to last-mile delivery services within cities, trucking keeps grocery stores stocked and supports manufacturing, agriculture, construction, and every other industry.

With the pandemic causing major supply chain disruptions, demand for truck drivers has increased. The median salary for long-haul truckers is $65,000 CAD. Major trucking hubs like Ontario frequently need drivers to transport goods across North America.  

Immigrants with a valid truck license and clean driving record can find employer sponsorship through Provincial Nominee Programs. With nearly 60,000 job openings by 2026, truck driving offers a widely accessible route to settle in Canada permanently.

9. Electrical Engineers

Engineering is a highly valued profession in Canada, and electrical engineers are currently among the most in-demand specialized fields. Electrical engineers design, test and improve electrical equipment and systems. Their expertise is vital for infrastructure, green energy, telecoms, and electrical installation projects.

Major hub cities have the greatest need, with over 6,500 job openings expected in Ontario alone by 2026. But electrical engineers are also needed in other provinces. The median salary is an impressive $100,000 CAD.

Skilled immigrant engineers can easily secure permanent residency through Express Entry or PNPs. Candidates with 5+ years of experience have the best job prospects in Canada’s thriving engineering sector.  

10. Computer Network Technicians 

Virtually every modern organization depends on computer networks to conduct business and operations. Network technicians have the technical skills to build, maintain, and troubleshoot these essential data systems. 

With cyberattacks on the rise globally, network security has become a major priority. Technicians who specialize in areas like firewall administration or VPNs are prized for their ability to protect sensitive company and customer data.

The median salary for computer network technicians is $60,000 CAD in Canada. Major cities post thousands of job openings annually, and there is strong demand across other provinces too.  


Immigration pathways like the Federal Skilled Worker Program welcome applicants with training and experience as network techs. With over 50,000 job openings expected by 2026, network technician is a career with major growth ahead.

Immigrate to Canada in 2024

Canada offers abundant job opportunities for skilled immigrants – now and for years to come. By targeting an in-demand occupation like the top 10 profiled here, you can maximize your chances to Immigrate to Canada of entering Canada’s workforce as a permanent resident.

Research which jobs are most in need in the provinces that interest you the most. Gather the necessary education, training and experience to align with Canada’s labor market needs. Then explore immigrating through Express Entry, PNPs, or employer-sponsored routes. 

With the right skills and immigration path, you can succeed in building an outstanding career and life in Canada. Contact our expert immigration professionals at Stark Visas today to get started



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