top 5 immigration consultants in india

Check Out the Top 5 Immigration Consultants in India

Are you one of the many individuals dreaming of a new life in a foreign land? If yes, you're likely to have millions of questions in your mind about the immigration process.
Indeed, immigrating to other countries can open many doors for opportunities, such as a better lifestyle, quality of education, universal healthcare, a safe environment to live with your family, better career prospects, retirement benefits, and more. 
Nevertheless, immigrating to a foreign land and starting a new journey in life is not an easy exercise. It takes a lot of effort and practice to immigrate to a completely foreign land. 
The immigration process is complex and hectic, consisting of extensive documentation work and eligibility requirements, which may vary depending on the country you choose to immigrate to. 
As different countries have varied immigration rules and regulations and eligibility requirements. So, it is important to check out the immigration rules and eligibility requirements of your chosen country prior to applying for a visa. 
To overcome your difficulties and problems regarding immigration, here are the top 5 immigration consultants in India who will help you immigrate to your dream destination successfully and make the immigration process a lot easier for you.

How to Identify the Best Immigration Consultant in India?

But have you ever given a thought to how you can identify the best immigration consultancy among others? Each immigration consultancy has its own expertise. If some are good at one thing but failed to provide service in another. 
So, where can you find an immigration consultant who is an expert in providing a wide range of visas for almost every country in the world? Worry not! Here is the end of your search. 
First, let’s talk about how to identify the best immigration consultant in India. Here are some of the key factors which determine the characteristics of the best immigration consultant: 
  • The Best Immigration Consultant helps people immigrate to their dreamland without challenges and hectic paperwork.
  • The team must provide proper guidance about the immigration journey and visas for a specific country. 
  • They must provide an authorized and registered lawyer to instruct you about the further immigration journey. 
  • They must have years of experience and knowledge in the immigration industry to help people with proper guidance. 
  • The immigration consultancy must have a proper license or certification from an accredited organization. 
  • Their relationship with clients shows the value of the consultancy and makes them stand out from the crowd. 
Hence, it is essential for you to check on these characteristics of the immigration consultant you choose, as your future and immigration journey relies on them.

Top 5 Immigration Consultants in India:

Now, check out the top 5 immigration consultants in India:

Stark Visas

If you don’t want to waste your time and want an immigration consultant who can offer the best services in a wide range of visas for all the popular countries. Here is the result of your search. 
Stark Visas is the most trusted and best immigration consultant in India. They offer many visa services, such as study, business, PR, tourist visas, and job assistance, for countries like Canada, Australia, the USA, Europe, and many others. 
It now has many branches in India because of its clients' confidence and certainty towards them. Their commitment to clients makes them stand out from others. With a proper license from an authorized organization, it has become a well-known immigration consultant in India. 
Their expert team's years of expertise in immigration help people achieve their dreams. They guide candidates according to the visa they choose. They have RCIC/MARA government-registered immigration consultants.
If you are applying for a study visa, they will guide you to the best, top-ranked universities in the country. If you are applying for job assistance, they will help you find the best job opportunities in the country that are suitable for you according to your qualifications and abilities. 
They offer a professional IELTS trainer to people who want to immigrate to Canada, who prepares candidates for interviews, and an authorized and registered Canadian lawyer to instruct candidates about living and working in Canada. 
The expert consultant ensures error-free documentation work and guides the pathways to immigrate to Canada.

Vazir Group

Vazir Group is an immigration consultant in India. They offer proper guidance on the immigration process for the country you have chosen.
Their highly experienced immigration consultants offer guidance on job and career opportunities overseas. 
They deal with various visas regarding education, career or overseas jobs, and permanent residency in a foreign land. 
They have their offices in India, Dubai, and Canada.

Kansas Overseas Career

They are one of the most trusted, well-recognized, and experienced immigration consultants. 
They offer customized services to their clients and provide them with the necessary requirements.
They offer visa services in study, work PR, tourist, and many other visa categories for countries like Canada, Australia, Germany, and Dubai.


It is one of the oldest immigration consultancy in India, established in 1999. They help aspiring immigrants from all over the world and not only from India. 
They offer a variety of visa services, such as study, tourist, investor, and work visas. But, their main focus is on green card processing and visa documentation. 
Being the oldest immigration consultant in India, they will help you immigrate to your dreamland and introduce you to great opportunities abroad.


Abhinav is one of the oldest immigration consultants in India since 1994. Being the oldest one, it has one of the most experienced immigration experts. 
Their immigration experts keep in mind the needs of customers and help them accomplish their goals and immigration dreams. 
They offer services in visas, such as study, PR, tourist, and many more visas for countries like the USA, Hong Kong, the UK, and Australia. 
At last, it is essential to do thorough research about immigration consultants, as your immigration journey completely depends on them.

Choosing the right immigration consultant will provide you with a hassle-free immigration service with less inaccuracy and error.



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