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How to Get a Job in New Zealand from India?


As globalization paves the way for career opportunities worldwide, New Zealand stands as a beacon of hope for those seeking international job experience. New Zealand has a booming job market and is waiting for an influx of talented and skilled individuals. Are you still stuck with how to apply for jobs in New Zealand? Do not worry, we have curated these options to make your quest for jobs achievable.

What are the various Job Portals through which you can apply from India?

Several job portals in New Zealand are the key to multitudes of job opportunities. Among them, platforms like Seek, Trade Me Jobs,, Jobted, and New Kiwis are the most popular ones. These portals connect job seekers with potential employers, making them invaluable resources in the job search process.

Seek: Complete your profile, customize cover letters, and highlight relevant skills in your CV for the best results. A good CV with well-stated skills will attract employers and you will be able to get a good job in no time.

Trade Me Jobs: Beyond job listings, this platform provides regular updates, making it beneficial for consistent job seekers. Ideal for those interested in startup opportunities, it welcomes overseas candidates with requisite skills.

Jobted: Simplifying the job search process, it aggregates openings from major sources, presenting data in an easily consumable format.

New Kiwis: A solid starting point for job seekers, offering a tailored approach for those new to the job market.

What are the tools to grab a good job opportunity?

A well-written CV:

The importance of a well-drafted application is unfathomable. You need to create your cover letter and CV for each job application, in a format that is trending in the current market, highlighting your skills and emphasizing experience that aligns with the specific role. You need to acquire the perspective of a hiring manager to make your application stand out in the competitive landscape.

Proactive Communication:

Take initiative by contacting Hiring Managers or Recruiters directly, especially if contact details are provided in job listings. Brief, focused emails or phone calls can leave a positive impression, showcasing your genuine interest in the role. Be very careful of the time zone difference, ensuring your communication is in sync with New Zealand's working hours.

Researching Accredited Employers:

Identify employers accredited by the official immigration website of New Zealand to increase your chances of receiving a job offer. Platforms like Wellington NZ offer insights into available jobs and desired candidate profiles. Familiarize yourself with the New Zealand Skills Shortage List, identify your needs, make a list of what complies with the market demand, and apply accordingly.

Acquiring a Post Work Visa:

You can apply for a post work visa, once you have acquired a certain level of qualification in New Zealand. Once you are granted a visa, you can work for any employer in New Zealand.

What are the suitable timings for Job Applications?

Plan your job search routine very comprehensively. Research job sites in the evening in India, confirming employer accreditation. Wake up early to apply for jobs, this will also display your dedication and commitment to the job. Read through the skills listed in the New Zealand Skills Shortage List for targeted applications.

Apart from direct job applications, consider other pathways such as studying in New Zealand. Choose a qualification that enhances your employability and may lead to a Permanent Residency. You can also explore the option of applying for a PR Visa from India, utilizing a Job Search Visa with the required points (currently 160) for lawful work authorization.

Stay in touch with TrustWorthy Immigration Consultants:

Exercise caution when approached by agencies or firms guaranteeing eligibility for a Work Visa or PR Visa. Thoroughly research through their profiles and the credibility of their claims, and also contact the Immigration Experts for a comprehensive assessment. Distinguish between Immigration Consultants and Job Placement Agencies, as authorized immigration consultants provide lawful immigration advice. Stark Visas is your reliable Immigration and Visa service company, with years of hard work and experience, we stand apart in the immigration market. What we guarantee, we accomplish.

Outsourcing Recruitment Companies:

New Zealand employers often engage recruitment companies for specialized and high-level jobs. Register with multiple recruitment companies, keeping track of your interactions. 

Directly Talk to Employers:

A proactive approach involves reaching out to potential employers directly, a widely accepted and successful strategy in New Zealand. Many vacancies go unadvertised on job websites, presenting an opportunity for direct interaction. Employers appreciate such initiatives, even if they redirect you to formal application processes or recruitment agencies.

Securing employment in New Zealand from India requires a strategic and well-researched approach. By applying through reputable job portals, drafting a great application, and studying New Zealand's work market, its current requirements, and how your skillset aligns with these requirements. New Zealand is a land filled with various job opportunities and Indians can apply very easily by taking the suggestions stated in the article.




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