easy steps to immigrate to australia

What are the Easy Steps to Immigrate to Australia?

As you all know, Australia is one of the most sought-after immigration destinations in the world due to its advanced infrastructure, high living standards, and employment opportunities.
Have you ever considered starting a new life in Australia? If so, let's explore the best and easiest pathways to make your dream a reality by immigrating to Australia. 
Immigrating to Australia is not easy with its complex visa and subclass visa categories. Choosing the right visa for yourself may be confusing for you, but with the right guidance, you will be able to select a visa for you. 
Let’s dive into a comprehensive guide about immigrating to Australia!

Why Immigrate to Australia?

Australia, being an English-speaking country, makes it easier for foreigners to intermix with Australians. The immigration-friendly government policies make it the best destination to settle there with your family.
The country has something to offer for students, skilled workers, and businessmen, such as over 400,000 job vacancies, a universal healthcare system, free education for your children, and high returns on investments.

Australian Migration Process:

Australia’s immigration process is designed in a way to help immigrants to immigrate easily. However, a wide range of visa categories is confusing, and it is challenging to choose the right one. 
Yet, there are two most common visa categories from which you can easily immigrate to Australia, i.e., General Skilled Migration and Employer Nomination or Sponsorship from an Australian State or Territory. 
Major visas, which include a point-based system, are the Skilled Independent Visa, State Nominated Visa, and Skilled Regional Provisional Visa. The minimum score required is 65, and you must score a maximum point to receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA). 
Each visa application differs in processing time depending on the submission of documents and necessary information. However, the Australian Migration process can become easier with the help of an immigration expert. 

How Do You Immigrate to Australia?:

The Australian immigration process is one of the most complex compared to other countries. However, there are many visas and subclass visas for you to select according to your qualifications and skills to immigrate to Australia. 
But first, you must select the type of visa that corresponds to your reason for immigrating. 

Moving to Australia for Work:

Australia offers a wide variety of work visas for skilled workers to immigrate. Most of the visas will help you obtain permanent residency in Australia. But, you are required to meet all the necessary conditions and eligibility requirements for a specific visa.
You can also apply for permanent residency or citizenship after spending a period of time in Australia.
Some of the major work visas are as follows:
  • Subclass 887
  • Subclass 191
  • Skilled Nominated Visa- Subclass 190
  • Regional Sponsored Migrant Scheme Visa- Subclass 187
  • Employer Nominated Scheme- Subclass 186
  • Global Talent Visa- Subclass 858
  • Distinguished Talent Visa- Subclass 124

Moving to Australia for Family Reunification: 

The country also offers various visas for family reunification purposes. Yet, you must keep in mind that not all family reunification visas are permanent. 
Here are some of the major visas:
  • Partner Visa (Migrant)- Subclass 100
  • Partner Visa- Subclass 801
  • Parent Visa- Subclass 103
  • Contributory Parent Visa- Subclass 143
  • Contributory Aged Parent Visas
  • Remaining Relative Visa
  • Aged Dependent Relative Visa
  • Carer Visa
  • Child Visa
  • Adoption Visa- Subclass 102
  • Orphan Relative Visa- Subclass 117, 837

What are the Pathways to Immigrate?:

There are many pathways to immigrate to Australia provided by the Australian government:
Skilled Stream Visas: This visa category is intended for skilled workers who have the following skills demanded by the market. However, you are required first to pass the point-based system.
  • Business innovation and investment ideas.
  • Abilities to cope with the challenges.
  • Employer initiated.
  • Worldwide independent ability.
  • Localised.
  • Expert Independent.
  • Territory or State nominated.
Family and Child Stream Visas: This stream focuses on close family members, Australian citizens, permanent residents, and qualifying New Zealand citizens who can immigrate to Australia. 
Although this visa stream prioritizes the spouse or parents of the visa holder, it also allows other family members to join them in the country, such as elderly dependent relatives, carers, surviving relatives, and orphan relatives.
Children may also immigrate to Australia permanently under the child visa. There are two categories of child visas:
  • Child visa
  • Adoption visa  
Special Eligibility Visa: This visa is for people who have served in the Australian Defence Force and former residents on Special Eligibility visas. 

What are the Requirements to Immigrate to Australia?

Immigrating to Australia consists of many requirements that you need to fulfill to ensure your immigration process is smooth.  
  • Candidates must be below 50 years of age.
  • Applicants are required to go through the language proficiency tests, such as IELTS, PTE, and CAE.
  • An applicant must provide proof of his/her proper health and wellness.
  • Applicants must select an occupation based on their skills.
  • Applicants are required to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI).
  • The applicant is required to obtain a minimum of 65 points in the Australian points calculator. 
  • If you want to apply for the state nomination, you must obtain a state or territory nomination. 

Australia Migration Programs:

The Australian government offers various migration programs to make immigration easier for people who want to immigrate to Australia. However, each program has its unique eligibility criteria. 
Skilled Migration Programme: This visa program is for workers with skills that are highly in demand in Australia. The purpose of this visa program is to fulfill the labour gap in the market.
Family Migration Programme: Under this visa program, eligible candidates may join their family members in the country. However, they are required to meet certain eligibility criteria.
Business Migration Programme: This visa program offers an opportunity for business innovators to establish or invest in Australia. The purpose of this visa is to boost the Australian economy. 
Student Migration Programm: This program helps international students to immigrate to Australia to study. Due to its high standard of education, students are most likely to immigrate.  

What are the Methods to Move Australia?:

You need to follow certain steps in order to qualify for Australian permanent residency.
  • Access your eligibility for a specific program or pathway you chose.
  • Improve your language proficiency by passing certain language tests.
  • Get your skills assessed by a recognized organization.
  • Register your Expression of Interest (EOI). If you meet all the necessary criteria, your EOI will be accepted.
  • Receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residency.
  • Submit your PR visa application and provide documents if needed.

Stark Visas- The Best Australian Immigration Consultant:

At Stark Visas, we provide a personalized visa service based on your needs and qualifications. 
Our immigration experts will guide and help you throughout the Australian immigration process. From assessing your eligibility requirements to submitting your visa application. 
In addition service, we provide a professional IELTS trainer to improve your language skills and prepare you for interviews, which further increases your chances of visa application being accepted. 
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