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Immigration to Canada - a Short Guide


Since 2013, the number of immigrants from India to Canada has tripled. There has been an increase in employment-based immigrants and international students. According to the National Foundation for American Policy (NFAP) analysis, 118,095 Indians immigrated to Canada. 

Most immigrants have visited Canada for the luxurious lifestyle, rich culture, and new career prospects. Canada is very welcoming to its immigrants and also lays down specific criteria for them. 

Before knowing the criteria, one should know the significant reasons for immigrating to Canada.

Why do people immigrate to Canada?

There are various personal and professional reasons to immigrate to Canada. Some of them are enlisted below- 

Better social life - Canada is very welcoming to immigrants, and people over there have a great social life. They would meet each other quite often. This is the best way to improve communication skills that helps in day-to-day life and increase self-esteem.

Family-friendly country - Canada is one of the friendliest countries in the world. It allows candidates with a PR Visa to bring in their family. However, there are specific eligibility criteria for that.

Improved quality of life -  Modern education and better healthcare facilities are some of the factors that contribute to improvement in quality of life. Canada has a vibrant mix of people and includes all kinds of people.

Lower crime rate -  Safety is people's priority. Although crimes exist everywhere, Canada is still considered one of the safest countries. As it is a secure country and people abide by the laws, immigrants want to come here. 

Why should you hire an immigrant consultant?

There are many reasons for immigration to Canada, but the process is not that easy. To make the process easier, hiring an immigration consultant is essential. 

Nowadays, too much information is available, and it can be very unclear. A qualified immigration consultant will guide you through the application process. 

Stark Visas is one of the best immigration consultants in India. With years of expertise and knowledge in immigration, Stark Visas helps people choose the best for themselves. 

The relationship of trust with our clients makes them stand out from the crowd. They offer an authorized and registered lawyer and an IELTS trainer to prepare for the test and interview. For the documentation process and profile-building, an immigration lawyer is a must. 

Pathways to Immigrate to Canada 

1. Express Entry - the most direct pathway

One of the easiest ways to have Canada Permanent Residency is through Express Entry. Express Entry is the most common and direct route to permanent residence in Canada.

Candidates are assessed using a points-based system that takes into account a number of criterias including age, education, work experience and language ability. 

Once you are eligible for the Express Entry, you will go through the whole application process. It is suggested that you should hire an immigrant consultant for the procedure. Stark Visas has the experience and the expertise on immigration and is always updated on the recent immigration policies. 

Under the Express Entry, there are three main programs- 

  1. Federal Skilled Workers Program 

You might be qualified for the Federal Skilled Worker Program if -

  • You have at least a year of experience in a skilled field
  • You have meet the minimal language criteria in either French or English
  • You have received at least 67 out of 100 points on the FSW selection grid.
  1. Federal Trades Workers Program 

You may be eligible for the Federal Skilled Trades Program if - 

  • You have two years of experience in a skilled trade
  • You have meet the minimum language requirements in either French or English
  • You have a job offer in your skilled trade in Canada 
  • You have a Canadian certificate of qualification to practice your trade in Canada.
  1. Canadian Experience Class

You may be eligible for the Canadian Experience Class if - 

  • You have worked in a skilled employment (NOC TEER 0, 1, 2, or 3) in Canada for at least a year with a valid work permit 
  • You meet the minimal language criteria in French or English.

2. Provincial Nominee Program 

PNP is the second most preferred pathway to immigrate to Canada. PNP provides an additional 600 points to the candidates in the pool. 

The reason PNP was created was to attract skilled foreign workers in different provinces. Every province has different labour and market requirements. The applicants who fulfill their criteria get an invitation from the province. 

To apply for the Canadian PNP program, applicants need to present their:

  • 67 points in Canada PNP Points grid
  • Educational credentials
  • Work experience
  • Medical insurance
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Other supporting requirements

Documents Required - 

To apply for the Canadian PNP program, applicants need to present their:

  • Current passport 
  • Educational credentials
  • Documents showing work experience 
  • Recent medical report
  • Police clearance certificate

Career Opportunities and Average Salary in Canada 

The country has massive demand for skilled workers in the fields of healthcare, science and technology, agriculture and trades. The vacancy rate has also risen gradually. All the candidates who feel that they are eligible for jobs in Canada should apply through their website.

Average Salary of Top Careers in Canada 


(Table: Salary based on your profile, experience, and expertise)

Job Profile Salary
Accommodation and Food Services $28,977.92 (+6.4%)
Administrative and Support $52,349.92 (+9.4%)
Arts, Entertainment and Recreation $45,242.77 (+26.3%)
Construction $70,354.28 (+3.2%)
Education $62,343.42 (+6.5%)
Finance and Insurance $82,843 (+9.1%)
Forestry and Logging $59,739.20  (-5.9%)
Health Care and Social Assistance $63,898.68 (+8.4%)
Information and Culture Industries $75,654 (+4.3%)
Management of Companies and Enterprises $77,750.72 (+0.2%)
Manufacturing $62,250,36 (+1.6%)
Mining, Oil and Gas Extraction $117,506.12 (+3.1%)
Professional, Scientific and Technical Services $82,077.56 (+2.0%)
Public Administration $75,825.88 (+9.3%)
Real Estate (Rental/Leasing) $62,623.76 (+14.6%)
Retail  $37,503.04 (+8.0%)
Transportation and Warehousing $66,011.08 (+6.7%)
Utilities $121,531.04 (+2.6%)
Wholesale Trade $68,456.48 (+2.8%)



Why to contact Stark Visas? 

Stark Visas is one of the best immigration consultants in India. They provide professional immigration advice for Canada, including skilled worker visas, family sponsorship, PR, study, employment, tourism, business, and investment visas.

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