how h1b holder apply canada work permit

H-1B Holders: How to Apply for Canada Work Permit?


Are you a U.S. citizen who has an H-1B Visa? 

Are you looking to apply for a Canadian work permit? 

This blog will cover all the important points regarding the process of applying for Canada work permit specially for H1B visa holders. 

What exactly is an H1-B Visa? 

  • Before we delve deep into the eligibility for applying for a Canada work permit, let's understand the H1B Visa. 
  • Through this non-immigrant H1B Visa, employers in the United States can employ foreign nationals with required skills for a limited time in the country. 
  • The positions usually need a candidate with a bachelor's degree or its equivalent. 
  • The H-1B visa is normally granted for jobs in industries including technology, finance, engineering, architecture, and more.

After understanding the H1B Visas, let's look at some of the reasons why people want to Work in Canada. 

Major Reasons of availing for a Work Permit in Canada

  • With the growing IT and related sectors in Canada, people want to work in Canada. The country offers universal healthcare, higher salaries and pension plans. These benefits add up to the reasons for living and working in Canada. 
  • One of the most important benefits that Canada jobs offer is the Employment insurance. The employee would get certain financial benefits if they get access to Employment Insurance.
  • Canada has a better lifestyle in comparison to other countries. To be eligible for a Canadian Work Permit, you would need a valid job offer from a Canadian company.   
  • There are a few important industries like health industry, engineering and technology related industries that fulfills the needs of the Canadian market. 
  • You can keep a check on the online portals and official websites if you wish to avail work permit in Canada. We can assist you in preparing for the interviews and improving the job profiles.

Before you read about the steps to apply for Canada  Work Permit as an H1B Visa holder, make sure you are eligible for application. 

Eligibility Criteria for obtaining Work Permit for H1B 

The candidate must have a legal H1B Visa and have the intent to work in Canada. Till now, the H1B Visa holder should reside in the USA.

To know the latest updates and changes in the eligibility criterias or Canada immigration, you can check our official website.  


What are the Steps to Apply for Canada Work Permit as a H1B Visa holder? 

Step 1 - Verify Eligibility

To confirm your eligibility, examine the prerequisites of the Canadian immigration program you have chosen. Make sure you meet the requirements specified for your desired occupation and that your H1B status is legitimate.

Step 2 - Get a Job Offer

Obtain an offer of employment from a Canadian company. The offer should comply with the conditions and requirements of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program or any other programs.

Step 3 - Obtain a LMIA 

This is an optional step as some Canadian provinces don’t require LMIA. A Labour Market Impact Assessment is an employer needs before hiring a foreign worker. 

Step 4 - Submit all Documents 

Submit all required paperwork, such as a current passport, a letter of employment offer, an LMIA, evidence of qualifications, and any other papers the Canadian government may need. You can check the Canadian government website for it. 

Step 5 - Fill out the Application Form 

Complete the application forms for a work permit. Personal data, information on the employment offer, and you have to show an intent to stay in Canada are usually included in the forms.

Step 6 - Pay Application Cost and Submit Application 

The application cost is paid in Canadian dollars. Depending on the type of work permit and processing timeframe, the cost may change. Send your completed application to the relevant visa office or online platform, along with all necessary supporting documentation. Make sure that all of the information is accurate.

Step 7 - Biometrics and Medical Tests 

Once the candidate has submitted the needed documents, they are required to provide biometrics and attend an interview at Visa Application Centre. The person has to submit the medical test results ensuring that the candidate should be in good health.  

Step 8 - Confirmation from Designated Authorities

If the candidate gets an approval, they will receive a letter from the designated authorities. They will have to show that after their arrival in Canada. 

FACT CHECK! For H1B Visa holders in Canada 

A person who has H1B Visa and wants to obtain work permit in Canada needs to know about the following facts-

  • They can be eligible for Canada PR after working in a Canadian firm after three years. 
  • The Canadian government has announced that from 16 July, 2023 U.S. based H-1 workers are eligible to apply for Open Canadian Work Permits of up to three years. 
  • By availing for Work Permits up to three years, the candidate also gets benefits like free education, universal healthcare and great employment offers. 

So, apply for a Work Permit in Canada if you are a H1-B Visa holder and enjoy the perks. The Canadian government is willing to hire U.S. skilled professionals, so grab the opportunity.



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