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6 Easy Steps to get a job in Canada from India

Canada has always been the most preferred destination for Indians wanting to live and work in. The Canadian government has always been friendly with the immigrants and have released immigration-friendly policies. 
The work culture in Canada is very comfortable and luxurious. Don’t you wish to settle with your family abroad and have a great salary package? As they say ‘wishful thinking works’. So, it's the time to know the steps of getting a job in Canada and understanding their work culture. 
So, here are the steps needed to get a job in Canada from India : 

Step 1 - Make a CV 

The first step in applying for jobs in Canada from India is making a CV. The CV is not just a support system, but also distinguishes you from the crowd. 
Although, people underestimate how simple it is to create a resume and don't give it the attention it demands. But, always be particular about what you are writing in your resume.  
There is an ATS (Application Tracking Systems) that most companies use to review resumes. You are advised to create a resume that is ATS friendly as it will give you a preference in the crowd standing for a job. This system allows the companies to screen out the candidates fastly. 

Step 2 - Research for Jobs needed in Canada 

When applying for jobs, do your research regarding the kind of jobs and skills needed in the Canadian market. 
There are abundant job opportunities in Canada in several sectors like:
  • Manufacturing and construction industries
  • AI and Information Technology
  • Software developers, software engineers, and web designers 
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Human Resources
  • Financial services
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare services
  • Administration
  • Social Sciences

Step 3 - Apply for jobs through sources 

You can use job portals like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor to search for employment possibilities in Canada from India. You can  gain insight into the country's labor market and apply for jobs accordingly.
Applying for Canadian jobs through the appropriate sources is a crucial step that you cannot afford to overlook. It is now even simpler to get in touch with companies overseas due to these online sources. 
You can even mail directly to the HRs of the Canadian companies. This is considered to be an efficient step. Additionally, think about using employment sites in India and Canada as well as HR consulting services to apply for Canadian positions. You can even get in-touch with recruiters in the employment fests and internship fairs. 

Step 4 - Contact Stark Visas 

All your worries regarding finding a job in Canada have one solution, contacting Stark Visas. It is your one-step solution in order to understand the job requirements and availability in Canada. 
Stark Visas is the Best Consultant in India for Canadian immigration. We have an expert team of RCIC verified immigration consultants. They will assist you in the job search process and application process. 

Step 5 - Prepare for job interviews 

Once you have applied for the job and been shortlisted, the next step is to prepare for the job interviews. Do review the roles and responsibilities of the job posting before going for the interview. Submit the work samples as it will give the employer the idea about your potential. You can contact us to prepare for the mock interview session. We will help in getting the best practice questions. 

Step 6 - Apply for the Visa

Once you get the offer letter from your desired company, then you can apply for a Canadian PR Visa or a work permit. If you are planning to stay for a longer duration in Canada, then you can apply for a PR Visa. 

How to apply for PR in Canada from India? 

If you wish to apply for PR in Canada, here are the few routes: 
Express Entry - It is one of the easiest ways to get a PR in Canada. You will have to score a minimum of 67 out of 100 to immigrate to Canada. The candidate’s eligibility is determined by certain factors. 
Provincial Nominee Program - If you don’t qualify under the Express Entry pathway, you can go through the PNP pathway. The job you have chosen should be in the occupation-in- demand list. It is one of the most crucial factors to be evaluated under PNP. 
Quebec Skilled Worker Program - If you wish to apply for Quebec Skilled Worker Program, you have to first get an approval from the Quebec province and then approval is taken from the Federal government. 
After knowing the steps and pathways of applying for the jobs in Canada, we will take you through the work culture of Canada. It is very important to strive for a perfect work-life balance. 

What is the work culture in Canada like? 

The work culture in Canada is quite comfortable and inclusive. The Canadian government makes sure that the rights of the labourers are respected and they don’t face any sort of dismissal or discrimination from the employer. The few benefits that you can get by working in Canada are - 
  • Only 40 hours of work every week
  • 25 paid leaves 
  • Stable pension plans and retirement benefits
  • Provision for CCB (Compassionate Care Benefit) for family members 
  • Lucrative salary packages 
Contact us :- 
Once a candidate’s PR application is accepted and they plan to settle in Canada, they are awarded a Canada PR visa. But the procedure is quite a task. It is generally advisable to hire a government verified immigration lawyer for Canada PR application. We have the best immigration consultants of India in our team. 
IRCC goes through the candidate's application before making a decision. Our Canadian immigration lawyer makes sure that the application is error-free. This allows the candidate to live their life carefree without worrying about the application process as our consultants will take care of the entire procedure. 
You can contact us if you have any questions about jobs in Canada or want to know more about the pathways of immigrating to Canada


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