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10 Proven Methods To Boost Your CRS Score for Express Entry

Are you constantly worried about the low CRS Score?
There is a way out for boosting your CRS score. Your dream of immigrating to Canada will not just be a dream, rather will turn into a beautiful reality. Try these proven methods to see an improvement in your score instantly.
1. More Work Experience
One of the most efficient ways to boost your CRS Score for Express Entry is to add more work experience. People with Canadian work experience are given priority over the ones who have Non- Canadian work experience. The candidate should keep the profile up-to-date with all the experience. Some provinces want people with specific skills and experience. 
2. Through Provincial Nomination Program 
Provincial Nominee Program serves as the second-best pathway for Canada immigration. Each province has its own demands and are in need of labour.
Applicants must ensure that their PNP applications are submitted on time. They must also keep up with the most recent developments. 
3. Job Offer 
The chances of getting an ITA significantly increases by accepting a job offer. The most effective way to accomplish this is to carry out an extensive job search. 
Candidates can search for jobs on linkedIn or by attending employment fairs in Canada. In addition to having a glimpse into the lifestyle of Canada, a candidate's chances of getting hired are much higher if they are willing to attend employment fairs or have in-person meetings with potential employers. 
4. Advancing your educational qualifications
Under Express Entry, international students who have higher education are given additional points. Gaining more points for education qualifications are dependent on the verification by Educational Credential Assessment (ECA).
In case the education is from another country, then it is made equivalent to the Canadian education. Depending on the degree of education, be it a post graduation or under-graduation, you are allotted points. 
Some qualifications may better match the talents that a province is looking for. At times, applicants for an ECA simply list their highest qualification. One can improve their score by submitting all of their post-secondary educational credentials. 
5. Improve your language skills 
A candidate's score can be increased by improving language skills. 
CLB (Canadian Benchmark Level) 9 is regarded as a good score. It is generally assumed that a candidate should continue retaking exams while they are in the Express Entry pool. 
We have IELTS trainers who are well-versed with the process and train you accordingly. They will help you in preparing for the IELTS exam. The best way is to get your proficiency in both French and English in order to earn the most points possible.
6. Age 
Candidates between the ages of 18 to 35 are given more points. So, it is generally recommended that one should apply early. One should plan their express entry profile in accordance with the age factor. 
7. Applying with Spouse 
Applying for the visa with your spouse can enhance your points in some cases. After the candidate has been selected, the spouse can raise their CRS score by an additional 40 points by increased job experience in Canada, or improved language proficiency. 
8. Submitting the profile on time
Your profile should be accurate and submitted on time. If your profile is delayed, you might have to face certain consequences and challenges. Many people have faced rejections in their express entry profile due to delays in submitting their paperwork. 
(Attach the blog link of top 8 reasons of rejection in express entry profile)
9. Hiring an immigration consultant 
Hiring an immigration consultant can be beneficial for your profile. Our immigration consultants will help you score more by improving your resume. They are well-versed in the procedure of Express Entry profile. 
You will not have to worry about the submission of documents on time or an IELTS exam as our immigration lawyers would take care of all these things. Getting an immigration advice from the Best Immigration Consultant in Delhi can guide you systematically. 
10. Staying updated with recent immigration 
The Canadian government is constantly refining the Express Entry immigration system's rules and regulations to make sure that best candidates are chosen in the pool.  
The provinces and territories also improve their programs to better address the needs of Canada’s labour market. You can hire our IRCC approved immigration to stay up to date with all of the federal and provincial programs. 

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