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Manitoba PNP Draws 2024: Latest Updates on Next Draw Date and Minimum Points

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) conducts regular draws to invite skilled workers and international graduates to apply for provincial nomination. The MPNP offers a fast-track pathway to Canadian permanent residence for eligible candidates with a valid job offer or work experience in Manitoba. 

If you want to immigrate to Manitoba in 2024, it's crucial to stay up-to-date with the province's latest PNP draws. This article provides the key details on upcoming Manitoba PNP draws in 2024, including predictions on the next Manitoba PNP draw date, minimum points cut-off, and number of invitations.

When is the Next Manitoba PNP Draw in 2024?

The Manitoba PNP draw typically conducts draws every 2-3 months. Based on the province's invitation trend over the past year, we can expect around 4-6 MPNP draws in 2024. 

The last Manitoba PNP draw was held on November 24, 2022, inviting 225 candidates to apply for provincial nomination. The previous draws were held on September 15 (250 invitations) and July 14 (300 invitations).

Going by this pattern, the next Manitoba PNP draw is likely to take place in late January or February 2024. The upcoming draw may issue around 200-300 invitations across the MPNP streams.

The Government of Manitoba has not officially announced the next draw date yet. However, we will update this article as soon as the province confirms the date for the first PNP draw in 2024.

What Will Be the Minimum Points Cut-Off? 

The minimum points cut-off refers to the lowest score required to get an invitation in a Manitoba PNP draw. This cut-off varies between draws based on the number of candidates in the pool and annual nomination allocation.

In the November 24 draw, the points cut-off was 567 points for Skilled Workers in Manitoba and 686 points for Skilled Workers Overseas. The cut-off under the International Education Stream was 73 points.

For the first draw in 2024, experts predict the minimum points could range between 570-590 for Skilled Workers in Manitoba, 680-700 points for Skilled Workers Overseas, and 70-75 points for International Education Stream. 

The cut-off also depends on the number of nominations issued in each category. If Manitoba issues more invitations for overseas candidates, the cut-off will be higher under this stream compared to the In-Manitoba stream.

How Many Invitations Will Be Issued in 2024?

In 2021, Manitoba issued around 2,000 invitations to PNP candidates. This number increased to approximately 2,500 invitations in the year 2022. 

For 2024, the province may again aim to issue between 2,500-3,000 invitations across its three PNP streams - Skilled Workers in Manitoba, Skilled Workers Overseas, and International Education Stream.

The province allocates the number of nominations based on annual quotas and labour market needs. A majority of invitations often go to candidates already residing and working in Manitoba.

Key Takeaways from Past Manitoba PNP Draws

Reviewing the province's draw results over the past year provides valuable insights into Manitoba's invitation trend:

  • Points cut-off ranged between 550-590 for Skilled Workers in Manitoba candidates and 660-700 for overseas candidates.
  • Around 60-70% invitations were issued under the In-Manitoba stream in each draw.
  • Candidates with work experience as truck drivers, customer service reps, food service supervisors, and web developers were frequently invited. 
  • The number of invitations fluctuated between 200-300 per draw. Largest rounds had 350+ invitations.
  • MPNP officials first score profiles, then rank and select the highest-scoring candidates.
  • Candidates with a valid Express Entry profile and job offer in Manitoba tend to benefit under the MPNP points grid.

How Can I Improve My Ranking?

To boost your chances of getting selected in upcoming Manitoba PNP draws 2024, focus on:

  • Increasing your score on the MPNP points assessment grid
  • Finding a full-time skilled job offer from a Manitoba employer
  • Completing higher education or PNP recognized qualification in Manitoba 
  • Gaining more work experience in an in-demand occupation in the province
  • Improving English language proficiency with high CLB scores

Even if you don't get invited in the next draw, continue building your Manitoba connection and improving ranking over the long-term. Being prepared and staying updated on the MPNP is key to success.

Read these FAQs

How often does Manitoba hold PNP invitation rounds?

Manitoba usually conducts PNP draws every 2-3 months. We can expect 4-6 draws in 2024.

What are the eligibility criteria for MPNP?

You must have a valid profile in Express Entry pool, minimum one year of work experience in an eligible occupation, education equivalent to Canadian standards, settlement funds, and intent to live in Manitoba.

Does Manitoba prioritize candidates with a job offer?

Yes, having a job offer or work experience in Manitoba can give you additional points and ranking priority in PNP draws.

Can I still get an invite without an Express Entry profile?

No, having an active Express Entry profile is a basic requirement to be entered in Manitoba PNP draws.

How many nomination certificates does Manitoba issue annually?

The province issues around 5,000 nominations through the MPNP each year. The allocation may increase in 2024.

What is the processing time after getting nomination approval?

Most applicants get the nomination certificate within 3-6 months after submitting their complete application.

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