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Understanding the Requirements for an International Mobility Program : Work Permit Without LMIA

The Canadian Government keeps revising its immigration rules in order to deal with labour shortages, market requirements and to provide support to the skilled workers. There are major immigration related programs that come under the Canadian government. 
International Mobility Program (IMP) is one of the main programs that deals with hiring of an employee. Employers in Canada are able to hire temporary foreign workers through the International Mobility Program without having a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).  
A Deeper Understanding of Canada’s International Mobility Program - 
  • The main aim of the International Mobility Program (IMP) is to attract skilled individuals, professionals, and entrepreneurs to Canada in order to benefit from their expertise and experience.
  • The IMP is entirely different from the Temporary Worker Foreign Program. The former deals with achieving economic and cultural benefit while the latter deals with easing out the labour shortage. 
  • Canada believes in multiculturalism. Through the International Mobility Program, international ties are strengthened and bring together the foreign workers, students and researchers from different cultures and backgrounds. 

Streams Under International Mobility Program

  • Intra- Company Transfers - Qualified intra-company transferees require the work permit and are exempt from LMIA. 
  • Global Talent Stream - This stream increases the issuance of work permits for professions like engineering, technology, and other sectors in order to address the skills gap and promote innovation.
  • International Experience Canada - It allows people to get work experience from other countries through work holidays or internships. 
  • The Bridging Open Work Permit - This stream is intended for people who wish to work in Canada and who have an application for permanent residence pending.
  • Post- Graduation Job Permits - It works as an added benefit for all the international students. This gives an opportunity to students to gain work experience. 
  • Significant Benefit Work Permit - Individuals whose presence bring in economic, social and cultural benefits in the country. 
  •  International Free Trade Agreement - There are several free trade agreements between Canada and the other countries in order to increase work opportunities. 
The main agreements are as follows - 
  1. Canada - United States - Mexico Agreement (CUM)  
  2. General Agreement on Trades in Service 
  3. Canada - Chile FTA 
  4. Canada - European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement 
  5. Canada and the United Kingdom of The Great Britain and the Northern Ireland (CUKTCA) 
  6. Canada- Panama Free Trades Agreement 
  7. Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) 

Work Permit Without LMIA : The Seven-Step Process 

  1. The first step is to determine if you are eligible for the work permit without LMIA. The eligibility should be based on the job offer and the specific requirements of the category. 
  2. Secondly, an employer should go to the Employer Portal and submit an offer of employment via it. 
  3. The employer should be able to portray that they have met the requirements of the exemption from LMIA. They can demonstrate that through various documents. Each work permit requires a different job offer. 
  4. One of the crucial steps is to collect the documents. We can assist you in filing the correct documentation. The documents need are - 
    • A valid passport 
    • The job offer
    • Proof of qualifications 
    • Medical reports 
  5. Once the candidate has submitted the needed documents, they are required to provide biometrics and attend an interview at Visa Application Centre. 
  6. Following the arrival of your work permit, there are obligations and requirements that you need to fulfill. 
  7. If the candidate gets an approval, they will receive a letter from the designated authorities. They will have to show that after their arrival in Canada. 

Impact of International Mobility Program on Labour Market 

The International Mobility Program has a major impact on the flexibility and market dynamics of the labour market - 
  • This program brings in particularly high-demand fields like technology, healthcare, and engineering.This complements Canada's native workforce.
  • Canada’s dynamic economy is the consequence of qualified professionals and entrepreneurs who foster innovation, launch new businesses, and support economic growth.
  • Reducing skill shortages, ensuring long-term economic growth, and promoting talent retention are all achieved by offering competent workers, foreign graduates, and entrepreneurs access to permanent residency.
  • Canada is more attracted to foreign investment, believes in strengthening international relationships, and is seen as a friendly and inclusive destination for talent from around the world.

What are the future trends and policies that emerge in the International Mobility Program? 

  • The Canadian Government wants to expand opportunities. In general, they want to attract digital nomads and remote workers who wish to temporarily reside and work in Canada through the use of technology and flexible work schedules.
  • Establishing guidelines and policies to ensure tax compliance, remote employment, to preserve the integrity of the program are the major future goals.
  • Inclusive policies in future would strengthen the diversity, create equal job opportunities, and increase the cultural competency of business service providers. 
Canada has always shown its will to utilize global talent, show innovation, and include diversity and inclusion through its International Mobility Program.
In order to maximize the benefits of the International Mobility Program, Canada will need to ease down the complexities with effective strategic management and policy frameworks.
They need to also ensure that the program ensures economic and social prosperity.

Read these FAQs

What is the international mobility program?

The International Mobility Program lets you (the employer) hire a temporary worker without a Labour Market Impact Assessment (lmia).

Is Indian eligible for IMP Canada?

Indian nationals can be hired on work permits by Canadian employers.

What is the age limit for international mobility in Canada?

Normally, you must be a Canadian or foreign youth aged 18 to 35.

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