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What is Average Salary in the UK 2024

The most recent government data, released in November 2023, indicates a good hike in the average salaries in the UK. Full-time workers in England and Wales are earning a median weekly salary of £682 gross, translating to an annual pre-tax income of more than £38,000 which is an impressive 6.2% surge from 2022. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) reported a substantial 7.3% increase in average employee wages from August to October 2023. Significantly outpacing the current inflation rate of 5.7%, this growth reflects an encouraging upswing in earnings, highlighting a promising economic landscape for workers in the United Kingdom.

An Insight into the Job Market of the United Kingdom

In the UK, the salary scale may differ based on various factors. It can be influenced by industry, occupation, geographical location, age, and educational attainment. As of the latest data, the mean monthly salary stands at £1,950, equating to an annual figure of £29,600. The gross minimum hourly wage in the United Kingdom, as of 2022, is £15.65. Salary ranges vary from £15,576 to £58,140 annually, encompassing housing, transportation, and additional benefits. The median annual salary, positioned at £29,700, signifies that 50% of the UK's population earns below the above value while the remaining half surpasses it. 

The distribution of average salary across different countries in the United Kingdom

Various professions have come to light, and the average salaries, according to multiple industries, have witnessed a substantial rise across the United Kingdom, particularly in regions like Scotland and Northern Ireland. Delineated into four distinct countries, each with economic advantages, the UK displays diverse average salary scopes. This surge is a testament to the amazing employment opportunities.

The annual average salary in Northern Ireland has risen to match or surpass those in neighboring states. The average salaries in England and Scotland have witnessed an unexpected salary surge and are expected to surpass these numbers in the coming years.

England £26,192
Northern Ireland £28,363
Scotland £26,139
Wales £23,996

How much salary can you earn in different job sectors in the  UK?

Financial and insurance activities £43,508
Electricity, gas, steam, and air-conditioning supply £43,430
Information and Communication £41,552
Mining and quarrying £37,567
Professional, scientific and technical activities £37,246
Construction £34,892
Education £33,910
Public administration and defense; compulsory social security £33,447
Water supply; sewerage, waste management, and remediation activities £32,069
Transportation and storage £31,902
Manufacturing £31,676
Real estate activities £30,171
Human health and social work activities £28,181
Other service activities £27,723
Administrative and support services activities £27,069
Agriculture, forestry, and fishing £26,363
Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles £26,244
Arts, entertainment, and recreation £25,548
Accommodation and food service activities £20,015


Industries that are driving the Economic Growth in the United Kingdom

In understanding the UK job market, we must thoroughly understand the profit-making and uprising industries. Firstly, the Importers and Exporters sector has seen a significant surge, registering the highest salary increase for full-time employees, closely followed by Probation Officers.

Let us understand the gross domestic product (GDP) contribution. Key growth sectors include Elementary Sales Occupations (21%), Elementary Administration Occupations (20.7%), Agricultural Machinery Drivers (15.8%), and Postal Workers, Messengers, and Couriers (15.2%). Additionally, Horticultural Trades, Fishmongers and Poultry Farmers, and Agricultural and Fishing Trades have demonstrated substantial growth, collectively contributing to the economic growth.

What are the High-Earning Professions in the UK?

We shall now have an insight into the high-paying paths across various industries in the United Kingdom. The top-paying roles include Chief Executive Officers and Senior Officials, Legal Professionals, and Sales and Marketing Directors. These positions command impressive average salaries, with CEOs and Senior Officials leading at £90,000, Legal Professionals at £76,522, and Sales and Marketing Directors at £75,631. Brokers, Advertising and Public Relations Directors, and Health Practitioners also feature prominently on the list.

For immigrants seeking a Permanent Residency Visa in the UK, understanding average salaries per month or year can be challenging. However, the UK government addresses this by offering a considerably higher minimum wage per hour, which is especially beneficial for aspiring immigrants.

The UK projects itself as a prime employment destination, underscored by its reputation for providing immigrants with better job prospects, great salary packages, great networking opportunities, and a path for various other privileges and possibilities.

The UK's highest-paying jobs span various sectors: Information Technology, Finance, and Education. IT professionals, Financial Managers, Directors, and Higher Education Teaching Professionals earn excellent salaries. Getting acquainted with this dynamic job market may be overwhelming for immigrants, particularly those entering the UK job market for the first time. However, this market is rewarding, including higher incomes and valuable career growth.

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UK's Salary Landscape in 2024

The United Kingdom has a dynamic job market that offers excellent job packages. 2023 witnessed a substantial 6.8% growth, with full-time roles experiencing a 5.8% surge and part-time employees enjoying a 2.8% increase from 2022. The current median average salary is £29,669, reflecting the overall uptrend. Full-time employees earn a median average of £34,963, while part-timers earn an average of £12,527, including gig economy workers.

The Chief Executives and Senior Officials are leading the market and earning an average of £81,946. However, the Leisure and Theme Park Attendants find themselves at the other end, with a statistically lowest average salary of £17,860. 2023 marked a significant milestone, with the highest annual earnings change in over a decade at 5.8%.

Profession-specific nuances have grown considerably, with Clothing, Fashion, and Accessories Designers experiencing a remarkable 29.3% increase in average salaries, reaching £40,503 for full-time roles. Clinical Psychologists, however, faced a notable decline of -12.5%, bringing their average pay to £36,315.

Furthermore, the gender pay gap has narrowed slightly in 2023, decreasing from 16.6% to 16.5%, revealing that full-time employed men earn an average of £5,510 more annually. Age-wise, those aged 40-49 command the highest average salary at £39,491, while the 18-21 age group earns the lowest at £20,437.

Full-time and Part-time Earnings in the UK for 2024

As per the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the average UK salary for all employees witnessed a substantial 6.8% upswing from 2022, reaching £29,669 in 2023. Full-time workers, constituting a significant portion of the workforce, experienced a 5.8% year-on-year increase, with their average UK salary in 2023 reaching £34,963.

Part-time employees, working fewer hours than their full-time counterparts, earned an average of £12,527 in 2023, which is a 7.9% rise from the previous year. The UK Government defines part-time workers as those clocking fewer hours than full-time employees at the same workplace, with typical part-time hours ranging up to 34 hours per week.

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A good average salary in the United Kingdom is £29,600 yearly.

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