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How to immigrate to Australia from India?

Amidst the mighty Australian Alps, surrounded by the oceans, Australia, the home to the Great Barrier Reef has the most enticing natural beauty. The geographical dynamism, the cultural inclusivity and the unprecedented economic progress is sure to charm you towards itself. The simplicity and beauty of Australia is not only attractive but also alluring. Australia is a land stacked with benefits in every aspect: its diverse geography, job opportunities, it has some of the top-notch universities and a great standard of living.

Indian Nationals are often on a lookout for opportunities that will help shape their and the future of their family. Indians immigrating to Australia can have a great chance at bagging sumptuous salaries, academic excellence and tour in and from Australia. 

What are the pathways to an Australian PR From India?

Immigrating to rewarding job opportunities, top-notch education and a country home to a plethora of nature’s idiosyncrasies, can often look daunting, but by a comprehensive understanding of the process, you will be able to achieve this almost seamlessly.

Australia has various pathways through which an Indian can immigrate to Australia. These are the distinguished streams for your Australian PR Visa:

Skill Stream Visas: The thriving Australian economy invites skilled workers, entrepreneurs and businessmen to contribute and fill labor shortages. Under this stream there are various factors:

  •         Business Innovation and Investment
  •         Distinguished Talent
  •        ​ Employer Sponsored
  •         Global Talent (Independent)
  •         Regional
  •        Skilled Independent
  •        State/Territory Nominated.​

Family and Child Stream Visa: Moving alone to a foreign land seems overwhelming? Do not worry your close family can immigrate with you. Your partner, parents, children can tag along by applying for their Australian PR Visa. This Visa allows close family members and eligible New Zealand citizens to immigrate to Australia indefinitely.

Special Eligibility Visas: If you have served in the Australian Defense Forces or have been a former resident, Australia issues invitations for you to apply for a Permanent Residency Visa.

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Business Innovation and Investment





Employer Sponsored





Skilled Regional 1





Skilled Independent





State/Territory Nominated










Global Talent (Independent) 3










All other categories





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( table source: )


Study Visa: Planning to pursue your academic journey in the top universities of the world? Australia, known for having some of the best universities, gives you a chance to get yourself registered under a course and move to Australia.

The Australian Subclass Visas: Subclass 189 visa, Subclass 190, Business Innovation Stream, Investor stream and Subclass 891 visa.

The Basic Eligibility Requirement for an Indian to immigrate to Australia

Australia has a large number of immigrant population and Indians have a strong percentage in it. Home to the most liveable cities in the world, Australia PR truly is an amazing country to immigrate for Indians and Stark Visas will help make this happen. These are the basic requirements for acquiring an Australian Permanent Residency:

  • You must be between 18-45 years of age
  • A minimum of 65 points in the Australian Score Scale
  • Skill Assessment 
  • Must fulfill the English competency requirement
  • Police Certification
  • Medical Certificates
  • Valid ID Proof

What is the processing time and processing fee?

The standard processing time for an Australian PR Visa for an Indian takes about 6-8 months, given you have all the important documents ready.

If you are the primary applicant, an amount of AUD 4450 is charged as your application fee.

A second installment fee is to be paid, if you have a financially dependent candidate who is below 18 years of age or you have been unable to prove your English proficiency. An amount of AUD 4885 

If you have applied through the Subclass pathways, these are the fee distributions

Type of Fee Fees required to be paid per individual
Education credentials and Work Assessment (ACS) AUD 530
Police clearance certificate fees (varies by country) Rs.1000 (varies by country)
English Proficiency Test Rs.14,700 (PTE)
Medical examination fees (varies by country) Rs 6000 (India)


What are the benefits of immigrating to Australia From India?

Australia is an absolute immigration hotspot and invites skilled individuals every year to fill labor shortages across various industries. But you may stumble upon this question: if you go to Australia and contribute to the economical growth, what does it have for you in it? Immigrating to Australia opens a world of numerous benefits and facilities:

  1. Once you have acquired an Australian PR Visa, you can enroll yourself for Medicare facilities, the universal medical healthcare infrastructure of Australia.
  2. Australia has a beautiful flourishing environment, moving to Australia will ensure you enjoy high standards of living. Australia has low crime rates and you thrive in a safer society.
  3. Australia’s Education System is extremely holistic. If your child is under the age of 18, the Australian government gives you the facility of free or subsidized education. Apart from this, if you are moving to Australia for higher studies, you are making a brilliant decision. Australia is home to top-notch universities. According to the QS World University Ranking of 2024, 38 Australian universities are enlisted in this report.
  4. Australia literally has its Sunny Side Up: The climatic conditions of Australia make it a great tourist hotspot too. You will enjoy the benefits of moderate climatic conditions.
  5. Australia has extremely flexible immigration laws: You can move to Australia with temporary work permits and pave your way to Permanent Residency. 
  6. You can bag high paying jobs and bag great job opportunities. 
  7. You can simply make your way to attain Australian Citizenship.

Why Stark Visas

Do Not Give Up on that Australian Dream! Stark Visa is here to aid you through the entire process and even post-landing services.

If you are fixated on moving to Australia, let us be your ally. 

Authorized and Licensed Consultants: Benefit from consultations provided by MARA and ICCRC-authorized consultants. Our skilled professionals are well-equipped with immigration laws and are some of the best minds in this industry.

Step-by-Step Guidance: Receive comprehensive guidance through the eligibility assessment process. We provide you with a free profile evaluation and later a detailed report is prepared as per the assessment. This report gives you an insight into all the prospects.

Multiple Assessments: Each case undergoes multiple assessments before submission, ensuring an error-free and seamless immigration process.

PAN India Presence: Our consultation is not geographically bound. You can get our expert consultation from anywhere in India. Reach out to us without any hesitation!

An Efficient Documentation Process: We believe in “Time is Money” and thereby efficiency is our strongest suit. Our documentation process is detailed yet swift and hassle-free. You can also reach out for post-visa assistance, your comfort and convenience is of utmost importance for us.

Secure Online Process: Experience transparency and security with our online systems, ensuring a trustworthy immigration journey.

Proven Track Record: You can rely on our extensive experience, having successfully processed over 1000+ applications, establishing us as a leading immigration consultant in India. We connect you to a global market with countless opportunities

Read these FAQs

Is it easy to migrate to Australia from India?

if your score is between 80-85, there are more chances for Australian immigration along with a PR visa.

What is the cost for an Australian PR? (2024)

The fees for Australian Permanent residency is : Primary applicant: $4115 Australian dollars or 2,20,825 Indian rupees. Dependent above 18 years (spouse): $2055 Australian dollar or 110298 Indian Rupees.

What is the easiest way to migrate to Australia?

Obtaining a work visa might be an easy pathway to move to Australia.

Can I move to Australia without a job?

Australia offers the following three visas for you if you don

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