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Students Need a Provincial Attestation Letter to Study in Canada

Canada is one of the top desired destinations for international students to study. The country provides a wide range of top courses to study at the top-ranked universities. 
International students contribute a massive amount to the Canadian economy, universities, and communities. The government of Canada takes various initiatives to make it easier for international students to study in Canada.
One of the initiatives is the introduction of a Provincial Attestation Letter (PAL). This is the process that will support Canada’s population growth, help improve the system's integrity, and make sure that international students have a positive experience in Canada without any complications. 
A Provincial Attestation Letter is one of the supporting documents for your application. The primary and main purpose of this letter is to provide confirmation from the province that they have a space for applicants to study in the province. 

Provincial Attestation Letter: 

This initiative was started on January 22, 2024, and mandates the requirement of a Provincial Attestation Letter along with the study permit application issued by a specific province or territory. 
It is an affirmative document from the province or territory of Canada where you plan to study that supports your study permit application.
A Provincial Attestation Letter (PAL) is a document signed and written by the government of a province or territory of Canada and confirms that an applicant can study in the specified province or territory. 
However, there are certain information you need to provide, such as:
  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Address of the Home Country
It is specified by the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that an application without the Provincial Attestation Letter will be rejected by the province. 
This initiative represents an enthusiastic approach by Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to maintain the balance between the regional population growth and international students who are immigrating to Canada for study purposes. 
Through this initiative, Canada has become the top preferred study destination among international students. 

Why Provincial Attestation Letter is Important?

  • It is a mandatory document by the province for international students to be submitted along with their application
  • It will help the province to maintain the balance between the intakes of international students throughout the institutions
  • The PAL also works as proof that the admission of an international student is verified by the province
  •  This adds up to the application process step and determines the thorough preparation of getting admission to the institution by the students’ end
  • This approach aims to make the application process easier by involving assurance from the province’s institutions

Who Needs a Provincial Attestation Letter?: 

To study in Canada, it is important to understand whether you need a Provincial Attestation Letter or not. 
Students who require a Provincial Attestation Letter:
  • Students who are applying for post-secondary education
  • Students who are applying for graduate programs that do not provide any degree, such as certified courses, certificate programs, and graduate diplomas
Students who don’t require a Provincial Attestation Letter: 
  • Students who are applying for primary and secondary education
  • Students who are enrolled in Masters or Doctoral programs
  • Students who apply for renewal and have a Canadian study permit and work permit
  • Family members of students in Canada holding study and work permit
  • Students who have submitted their application before January 22, 2024

How to Get a Provincial Attestation Letter?

  • Getting a Provincial Attestation Letter is an easy and well-organized process
  • Issuing a Provincial Attestation Letter is a complete responsibility of Canadian province and institution
  • Students will receive a LOA from the institution after submitting their application
  • The institution will inform the province, and a Provincial Attestation Letter will released to share with students

Indian Students in Canada:

Students from all over the world choose to study in Canada, as the country offers a wide variety of courses and career prospects. 
Students from India choose Canada as their preferred study destination. The country also offers many post-study and employment opportunities in different job sectors.
According to the latest report, around 300,000 Indian students are studying in Canada and plan to start their careers in job sectors such as healthcare, home building, energy, engineering, technology, early childhood education, and cyber security. 

Provincial Attestation Letter Validity Period:

The Provincial Attestation Letter (PAL) has a validity period of one year. Its validity is currently issued by the provincial government until the beginning of 2025. 

Study Visa for Canada:

A study visa is required to study in Canada. It is an essential document issued by the Canadian government that allows international students to study in Canada. 
The students are allowed to study in any Designated Learning Institution (DLI) in Canada of their choice. 
However, it is essential to ensure that all the required documents are submitted along with the study permit application. 
To avoid any mistakes and application rejection, it is important to take consultation with Canadian immigration experts. 
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Read these FAQs

What is an attestation letter from province?

An attestation letter is a supporting document from the province or territory of Canada where the international student plans to study that is now a required document for an initial study permit application.

Who needs an attestation letter?

Most study permit applicants need to provide a provincial attestation letter (PAL) from the province or territory where they plan to study.

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