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IELTS or the International English Language Testing System is a widely accepted test for the English language that is required to be taken by international candidates. The test is recognized by many foreign universities and institutions all over the world. The test is recommended for students planning to study in a country where English is the official language of communication, such as Canada, Australia, the Uk, New Zealand, and the USA.


The IELTS candidates are assigned scores in terms of bands which range from 0 to 9. The range of scores starts from 0 which is the least performing to 9 band which is assigned to the expert in the language.
The passing score of the candidate varies according to the university's requirements and is differentiated by the immigration program through which a candidate is applying. However, the least score requirement is 6 at most places.

IELTS Test Components

The test is divided into 4 components which a candidate has to attempt in total 2 hours and 45 minutes

This IELTS reading test contains 40 questions and each correctly answered question fetches 1 mark. The maximum score that a candidate can achieve is 40.

The reading test is designed to assess skills such as:

  1. Understanding the general sense of a passage.
  2. Identifying the main ideas/theme conveyed.
  3. Having a knack for details.
  4. Understanding inferences and implied meaning.

Time Required: 60 minutes


The IELTS writing paper consists of two mandatory tasks which are designed to assess the wide range of writing skills.

The marking of these tasks is done by certified IELTS examiners, who assess your performance based on four assessment criteria:

  1. Task achievement/response.
  2. Coherence and cohesion.
  3. Lexical resource.
  4. Grammatical range and accuracy.

Time Required: 60 minutes


The IELTS speaking test is interactive and as close to a real-life situation wherein you will be interacting with a certified examiner. The test will be live recorded.

The content of the IELTS speaking test is designed to assess skills such as:

  1. Communicating opinions and information on common topics and experiences.
  2. Speaking at length on a given topic using appropriate language.
  3. Organizing your ideas coherently.
  4. Expressing and justifying your opinions

The session lasts for up to11 to 14 minutes


In IELTS listening tests you will be listening to four recordings of native English speakers and answering a series of questions based on them.

The test has 40 questions and is designed to assess listening skills such as

  1. Understanding the main ideas and factual information.
  2. Recognizing the opinions, attitude, and purpose of a speaker.
  3. Following the development of an argument.

Time Required: 30 minutes

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