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Reasons to Immigrate to Canada

Canada offers better standards of living

Free world-class medical health care

Canada is pro-immigration

Canada provides safety and security

Canada has a growing economy

Canada offers quality education for children up to 18 years

Travel to more than 150 countries without any visa

Canada offers a Diverse Multi-cultural Population

Six selection factors of Canada Immigration

1. Language Proficiency: It is essential that you are well-versed in Canada’s two official languages: English and French. You can boost your score by scoring maximum points on the language test.

2. Age: Applicants between 18-35 years of age can score maximum points (12/12) for the age factor. However, if you are above 35, you can still boost your score by getting help from PNPs.

3. Work Experience: You can get a number of points based on the number of years of experience, with a minimum required work experience of one year. It is important that your full-time work experience is under a NOC (National Occupation Classification) occupation.

4. Education: You can get great points according to your qualification, i.e., the higher your degree, the higher points you score for the education factor.

5. Job Offer: You can get additional 10 points if you received any full-time employment offer of a minimum of 1 year.

6. Adaptability: You can get the advantage of additional 10 points for a sibling or a close relative living in Canada. You can also earn these points if you have a spouse or common-law partner moving in with you.

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