Business Investor Immigration to Canada

Canada offers multiple benefits and a European-style quality of life that attracts lots of experienced businessmen from around the world. Canada is one of the easiest countries in the world to run your own business and with various benefits for immigrants such as health care coverage, first-class education, and a national pension system.

Businessmen have the advantage of low corporate tax rates, Canadian trade pacts, and huge cultural diversity.

Since every Indian requires a visa to travel to Canada, you are required to apply for a Canadian Visit Visa, which has a 6 month validity period. Once you have attained the visa, it allows you to travel freely across the country.

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Business Investor Visa Categories

The Canadian government has offered different categories of business immigration visas to attract experienced businessmen now and then. Such major categories are as follows:

Self-Employed Visa

PNP Entrepreneur Visa

Business Visitor Visa

Start-up Visa

Check Your Eligibility

1. Self-Employed Visa

To be eligible for a Canadian self-employed visa, the candidate must have at least 2 years of experience in his respective field of work. It is also important to meet the following qualifications in order to attain a self-employed visa:

  • Relevant work experience in cultural activities or athletics, and
  • A significant contribution to the country's cultural and athletic life.

It is also necessary for you to score 35 out of 100 points based on the following criteria:

  • Education (Maximum 25 points)
  • Experience (Maximum 35 points)
  • Age (Maximum 10 points)
  • Language Skills - English or French (Maximum 24 points)
  • Adaptability (Maximum 6 points)

2. PNP Entrepreneur Visa

All the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) have now introduced an immigration stream to target experienced businessmen to establish their businesses in the respective province and help with economic development.

Each PNPs have different requirements according to their economic needs. To know more about respective PNP entrepreneur visas, contact the Stark Visas Immigration experts.

3. Start-up Visa

The Start-up Visa Program is introduced for innovative entrepreneurs who want to establish their own businesses in Canada. If you are an entrepreneur who wants to expand or looking for investment opportunities in Canada, it is the best option.

The candidates are given a temporary work permit that allows them to establish their business in the country while waiting for their permanent residency.

The candidate must meet the following requirements in order to receive a Canada start-up visa:

  • Own a qualifying business;
  • Language skills with minimum Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level 5;
  • Letter of Support from a Designated Entity;
  • Provide proof of sufficient funds;

For more details on Canada start-up visas, consult our experts at the Stark Visas.

4. Business Visitor Visa

The Canadian Business Visitor Visa allows the applicants to come to visit the nation for any international business activity or to visit the country temporarily to look for an opportunity to grow their business. The validity of the business visitor visa is of 6 months, and you won’t need to apply for a work permit.

Any candidate applying for Business Visitor Visa must show the following:

  • That you plan on staying in the country for only 6 months and not more;
  • You have no plans to enter the Canadian labor market;
  • Proof that your main source of income and business is outside of Canada;
  • Supporting documentation for your application;
  • Meet Canada's basic entry requirements (Proof of funds, Valid travel documents, etc.);

For more details and expert advice on Business Visitor Visa, contact Stark Visas Immigration.

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